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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Dark Triumph Wrap-Up | #WednesdayYA live show

In case you missed it last night, or want to rewatch any of our awkwardness and antics, here is this month's #WednesdayYA live show!
This month, we were discussing Robin LaFever's Dark Triumph, the second book in the His Fair Assassin series, which I think it may be safe to say, Liz and I are fully in love with. It's rare that we have not one single negative thing to say, but this was a pretty glowing -- and animated -- discussion.

Check it out below and feel free to weigh in on the book, or our antics, in the comments! And stay tuned to the end or keep an eye out for next week's WYA post, for the announcement of March's group read!

And now, because the comments during the live stream always disappear by the time the video has completed processing (thanks, youtube), I took screenshots of this month's chat. Things got...interesting at one point, so here you go, ICYMI:

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