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Saturday, October 18, 2014

FLASH GIVEAWAY! | #GraphicNovelWeek

Welp, I've had less time this weekend than I was anticipating, which means that today's intended Graphic Novel Week vlog just isn't going to happen (yet). But as I was scrolling through Amazon while putting together my graphic novel collection video, I noticed that one of the books on my shelves, by one of my favorite graphic novel authors, is on, like, super sale, so I thought, PERFECT! I'll make up for the lack of Saturday-vlog with a flash giveaway!

Someone's gonna get a copy of Prime Baby by Gene Luen Yang, who is amazeballs. US only (sorry, international peeps, I loves ya, but shipping), and I'm drawing the winner on Monday, so it's a SUPER QUICK GIVEAWAY DON'Y MISS OUT YO.
And since it's such a super quickie giveaway, I'm not even worrying about tweeting and all that jazz. Click and you're entered, done.
Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Prime Baby by Gene Luen Yang
Get It | Add It
From the pages of the New York Times and the pen of Printz Award winner Gene Luen Yang comes a tale of math, aliens, and new siblings.

Thaddeus doesn’t like his new sister (she’s not that smart— and she gets all the attention). He likes her even less when he discovers that she’s an inter-dimensional conduit for peace-loving aliens (who are totally lame—all they want to do is knit socks for the homeless and have sing-a-longs!). But what’s even worse is that no one will believe him about any of this! How is he ever going manage to grow up to become the President of Earth?

First serialized in the New York Times Magazine, Prime Baby is a laugh-out-loud look at sibling rivalry.


  1. Thanks for offering a totally uncomplicated entry.

  2. Thanks for the great giveaway. I need to read more graphic novels; love them. :)


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