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Thursday, March 13, 2014

February Rewind: Mini Reviews of my February Reads! [2014]

You guys...February was a weird month for me...
Oh, and you can thank my friend Melissa for the weird intro. ;)

Here's what I thought of what I read in February, strange, eclectic little pile that it is... Let me know what you think of my reads, and any of your February stand-outs, in the comments!


(0:48) In the Age of Love and Chocolate | Gabrielle Zevin
(1:54) The Hollow Kingdom | Clare B. Dunkle
(3:37) Escorted | Claire Kent
 - Nameless | Claire Kent
 - Married for Christmas | Noelle Adams (REALLY, with this title?! What got into me?!)
 - A Negotiated Marriage | Noelle Adams
(6:54) Beauty | Nancy Ohlin
(8:38) Unspoken | Sarah Rees Brennan
(11:00) Plus One | Elizabeth Fama

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