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Monday, March 24, 2014

Excerpt & Giveaway: Resisting Atlantis by Jamie Canosa | blog tour

We've had author Jamie Canosa on the blog before, when she shared an excerpt of her NA novel, Sink or Swim. Today Jamie is back with another excerpt — and another giveaway — but this time, it's of her latest fantasy novel, Resisting Atlantis!
Check out the excerpt below, and then enter on the Rafflecopter to win a signed copy!

“Scrub harder.”

“I’m trying.” My small hands burned with the bleach eating away at my skin. I wrung the sponge dry and continued my assault on the stained carpet. Who knew such a small bottle of ink could make such a big mess?

“Slob!” Rough hands gripped the collar of my shirt, dragging me to my feet. “You’ve splashed on my boots.”

The guard demoted to babysitting duties shook me like a wild animal would its prey. My neck screamed as my head ricocheted off my shoulder, but I sealed my lips, refusing to give him the satisfaction of my pain. I’d learned early on that they all wanted a reaction. Like any bully, if they didn’t get one, they’d soon grow bored and move on.

“Clean it!” My teeth rattled with the force of my knees hitting the thin carpeting.

I reached for a rag lying near the bucket, but the grip on the back of my neck forced me forward until my face practically touched the floor. A chunky, black boot filled my vision.

“Lick it.” A dark chuckle set my blood on fire. I tried to struggle, but he only clamped down harder, shoving my face against the dark leather.

Not a chance in hell. I’d die before I licked his damn boot. Or anyone else’s.

Craning my neck, I went for the only vulnerable spot available to me. I choked on cottony fabric as I latched onto his shin, just above the boot. The guard screamed and tried to shake me off, but I clamped down harder until the tangy taste of blood washed over my tongue. Even then I refused to release him, rabid with anger and defiance. Not until his free boot collided with the side of my head did I break my animalistic hold on him.

He fell to the hard floor, clutching his bloody shin and I ran like a bat out of hell. I couldn’t escape. There was no escape. And I’d undoubtedly pay for my actions later, but right then, right that moment, I felt free for the first time in months.

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Resisting Atlantis by Jamie Canosa
Get It | Add It
What if everything you think you know . . . is wrong?

Cora is your average college freshman. Battling the evils of boring classes and noisy dorms, her greatest concern is how to attract the attention of the drool-worthy, party-god next door.

That is, until Kaden comes barging into her life, insisting everything she knows is false. The family and friends she grew up with don’t exist. Her entire past a carefully-crafted fabrication, created to replace the truth.

Her name isn’t Cora, it’s Cameron. And she isn’t from New York. She hails from Atlantis. Yeah, that Atlantis. Oh yeah, and she’s psychic.

Crazy, right?

Except, tall, dark, and out-of-his-ever-loving-mind doesn’t come alone. Trouble follows, thrusting Cameron back into a world she can’t remember and a life she must reclaim if they’re going to make it out alive.

Jamie Canosa is a full time author of YA literature, which she absolutely loves. When she’s not writing or spending time with her family, she can usually be found with her nose in a book. She currently resides in Ravena, NY with her wonderful husband and three crazy kids . . . plus the dog, the bird and the rabbit.

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