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Saturday, March 8, 2014

A little less "CSI," a little more "Dexter"... | Book Spine Poetry (3)

Time for more #bookspinepoetry! This one's a dark one — and yet, only one title references blood (I have a lot of "bloody" books on my shelves, as it turns out...) ;)
This one was inspired by March's #WednesdayYA bookclub pick, The Darkest Minds, which you can read and chat along with Liz and I throughout this month, if you're interested.
But now, onto the BSP!

I hunt killers.
The darkest minds,
Vicious dark places, darker still...
The weight of blood, skin —
The knife of never letting go —
The dead and buried nameless;
The unidentified...

There you have it! As I said, it's a dark one, but still fun! I love seeing how these come together, and I love the feeling that there's a story lurking behind all of these strung-together titles!
Do you ever do bookspine poetry? Leave me a link, I'd love to check it out!

Books mentioned: I Hunt Killers | The Darkest Minds | Vicious | Dark Places | Darker Still | The Weight of Blood | Skin and Other Stories | The Knife of Never Letting Go | The Dead and Buried | Nameless | The Unidentified


  1. This is a great post Misty - and I love the poem you created! (CSI and Dexter are also awesome!)

  2. Wow. This is so cool! You definitely channeled a lot of Dexter.


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