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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

WHY BLOG? - Day 9 of the 15-Day Book Blogging Challenge

Alrighty, it's day 9 of April's Challenge, and I'm actually on time for once. (What, it's still Tuesday for nearly 1.5 hours...); today, we're talking about why we book blog!

DAY 9 - Why do you blog about books?

I feel like I touched on this quite a bit in my vlog about how I became a "booktuber" (aka a vlogger on youtube who talks about books). So I'll go ahead and embed that video below, for those curious.
But the basics were:

  • Passion - I've always (and I mean it; from well before I could read) been passionate about books. Freakishly so. I've always needed to touch them, browse them, talk about them, share them, smell them - all the things you do besides reading them.
  • And I needed an outlet for that. I took every lit course I could, for that brief chance at discussion, but I needed something more. Goodreads came next, where I met a bunch of incredible, like-minded people - and some of them were doing this weird thing called blogging, where they just talked about books all the time.  And Lo, I had found my place. 
And I'm so incredibly happy I did. I've found so many new platforms to discuss books with people, and blogging about books has given me such a solid platform to bring books to people or recommend them confidently and readily.  And I gained an incredible community of friends, to boot! What more could a book lover ask for?

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