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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

BEDTIME READING - 15-Day Book Blogger Challenge, Day 2

It's Day 2 of April's 15-day challenge, and today we're talking about our bedtime reading rituals!

I actually wish I was more consistent in a bedtime "ritual"... As it stands now, my nightly routine is more of a Netflix binge, followed by "I should read for a bit, but it's so late," followed by about an hour of going back and forth with whether I should start reading so late, while I flip back and forth on pointless websites. This is then followed by either:
a) the decision to read "just for a little while" - at which point I promptly settle in and read until 3am or so, OR
b) the decision that, yes, I should have read before bed, but it's too late now, might as well just go to bed. *goes to bed and pulls out phone to play games*

I used to read every night before bed, and most mornings when I woke up, but I've gotten out of that habit. A librarian friend of mine told me once that she knew a schoolteacher who reads for three hours every night before bed. Every. Single. Night. And so is able to read roughly one googleplex of books every year.

Now, that would seriously cut into my Netflix-watching time, but I do want to get into a better habit when it comes to bedtime reading. It's a nice way to wind down the day, and if I'm exhausted the next morning, I feel better knowing it was because I said "Just one more chapter" rather than "Just one more episode..."  My goal for now is to start reading for 1 hour before bed at least 3 nights a week, and build up from there, until I'm reading every night before bed, at least for a little while.

[Plus, I used to consider my before-bed reading my "me" reading - no matter what I had due, or what I was "supposed" to be reading for class or a review or whatever, that was my relaxation time, and I could use it as I pleased, sneaking in guilty pleasure books like nobodies business. I want to get back to that.]

How 'bout you guys? Do you have a nightly ritual when it comes to reading, or a goal in mind to get you there?


  1. I distract myself to sleep too. I like to listen to audio books before falling asleep, it's like being read a bedtime story!

  2. Sounds like a great goal to work towards! The hubby and I just started the show Dexter(starting Season 3 tonight!) So I know all about the netflix dilemma!

    And my bedtime reading is always a personal choice as well. I save review books for daytime/gym/lunch break reading :P

    My Reading Ritual-Book Blogging Challenge: Day 2

  3. God, I wish I had the time to read 3 hours every night before bed. I think I would die the next morning, though. How does she DO that?! I can see reading for three hours throughout the day...but before bed?! Geesh!


  4. 3 hours! I wish I could read like that schoolteacher. Maybe when I get my own place, haha.

    I think working slowly on your goal is a good idea! It could be overwhelming or seem like a chore to read for 1 hr every night.

    Oh yes, reading was always my "me" time. Sometimes it would take me MONTHS to finish a book while I was in university, but at least I got to destress each night with a few pages!

  5. Three hours!!! I'd love to be able to do that.

  6. Yeah, that was my reaction, too (THREE HOURS?).
    I guess she gets ready for bed at about 9, and reads from 9 to midnight, every night. Pretty impressive. =)

  7. Hm, three hours? I guess if you like to read in bed that could work. That could be a full book or most of one... Maybe I should do that.. hrm. I'd spend a lot less time with the hubby though.

    I'm like you in your bedtime ritual. I'm sporadic at best and am addicted to Netflix as well, especially during the summer when I have more time on my hands.

  8. And there are just so many shows in need of a marathon.

  9. I usually read every night, unless, like last night, I finished reading my book early. I don't like to start a new book until I get my thoughts written down about the book I just finished. Last night I didn't feel like writing...so I watched Netflix instead. :)

  10. I always tell myself not to start something new so that I can absorb what I just finished, but I'm always too impatient... lol


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