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Sunday, July 14, 2013

TEAR JERKERS & BOOK BUYING - Days 5 & 6 of the 15-day book blogging challenge!

I know that today is *technically* day 7 of April's Challenge, but eh, I'm behind. So today I'm answering the prompts for days 5 & 6, and tomorrow you can expect days 7 & 8.

Alrighty. Let's do this thing!

Day 5 - Recommend a tear-jerker.

Funny you should ask, because I've found myself thinking about this book and talking about it a lot lately. It's also the current read-along book club pick for Epic Reads. And it is:

I have never been able to review this book. I've sat down to do so. I've made notes. I've discussed the book with myself in my head (don't judge me), and I've cried bucket loads. I even though maybe I could just review it in a vlog instead of a written review - maybe talking it out would be better than trying to sit down and stare at a screen, wondering where the hell could I possibly start? (But see: bucketloads, for reasons why I did not.)

I don't even know what to say, other than if you trust me at all, if you've ever read a book because I said it was awesome, or you've ever wanted to read a book because I said it was awesome, please read this one.
My brain can't function properly beyond that when it comes to this book, more than to tearfully but triumphantly physically push it into people's hands.

Day 6 - Describe how you shop for books.
and then


  1. OMG, the GIFS were so funny. LOL.

    I was going to listen to Jellicoe Road on audio, but I had to return it. Now I'm kind of afraid to dive into it!

  2. I can't even imagine listening to it on audio. I needed breaks to absorb things, or just to decompress, so I don't know how that would work. And I would imagine it would be even MORE emotional hearing it all.
    I will say, the idea has got me curious. I might have to try it sometime...

  3. I cannot even TELL you Ms. Misty how insanely HAPPY it makes me how much you love this book. :D I'm positively BEAMING! :D

  4. I had a feeling this would please you...

  5. Jellicoe Road! Tearjerker for sure. I love Melina Marchetta. Her books are amazing.


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