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Monday, July 15, 2013

BLOGGING QUIRKS - Day 7 of the Book blogging challenge

Alrighty, time for the 7th prompt in April's 15-Day Challenge, and today we're taking about blogging quirks!

Day 7: Blogging Quirks:

Um, I dunno? Probably just about everything I do is quirky to someone else...it's hard to judge your own "quirkiness" because to you, you're normal (mostly). So I guess, here's some things about me as a blogger:

I procrastinate. Let's be honest, this is probably true of all of us. Except you freaks that have your blogs scheduled out until Christmas already, what the hell is that and howwww?  But yeah, like everyone, I'm a procrastinator. Really, it's more that I just can't write until I'm "ready," whatever that means. If I try, it just feels forced; things have to percolate for a bit. BUT I should make myself a little more consistently, because sometimes I don't think I'm ready, and then a few words in, I'm on a roll. So... Yeah, I procrastinate like a PRO.
And because I procrastinate...

I feel like I can't talk about a book after a certain point. Not across the board, of course. I'll still rave about the ones I love - and rant about the ones I don't - forever. BUT when it comes to reviews and procrastinating, there comes a point where I feel like I can't review it even more, that I won't remember it or everything I wanted to say, even if I do actually remember the book pretty well. I feel like I have to read it again, or I'm somehow not being honest? And once I've missed my chance... It's like the book is freaking Brigadoon, and once it's "gone" it won't be back for 100 years...
[Case in point: I have drafts in my post editor from last OCTOBER that are basically 90% there - I was busy, so I made copious notes on the books in question, so I could just link it all together in a review quickly when I had a chance - and then I never finished them (though they each got their vlog wrap-up reviews). Is it too late to review something from last Fall? O_O]

I don't really edit. Hell, maybe you  can tell. Lord knows, I do catch typos down the road. But I don't just mean surface editing - I mean, I'm not someone that sits down with an outline, or has to organize my thoughts - what you see in a review is how it comes out of my head, with very minor alterations. This is part of why I procrastinate, and feel I can't force it - I dwell on things and think them over for awhile, but once I'm ready, I'm ready. It's there, and I go for it.
Now, this may not be significant to you, but as someone who worked for YEARS as a college essay writing tutor, I shudder to tell you this. I know the benefits of an outline, and I know that people generally need some form of structure, whether they like to admit it or not.I taught the damn things, I know how invaluable they are. And I also know that blogging is generally much more informal, though I take a slightly essayist approach. But I have always loathed outlines. And mapping. And f*cking clusters. I just can't work that way, it seems like mess and wasted effort, and GAH I JUST WANT TO WRITE ALREADY, STOP IT WITH YOUR BUBBLES AND BULLET POINTS!
You know?
Was that too much? 'Cause that's what happened in my head every time a teacher mentioned outlining and crap. Brainstorming, I REBUKE THEE. (Except free-writing.)

Whatever, what all this means, is that basically whatever you see in a blog post is basically how my mind works. This is what the insides of my head look like.
Chew on that for a second.

But I do like notes though. And lists. Mostly I just like paper, and need an excuse to use it. (Paper and pen, for the win.)
Now, maybe this sounds like a contradiction of the last thing, but really it's not, 'cause I hardly ever use the notes I write. Hell, I can hardly ever find them. (Until after the fact. Always seem to find them then...) I just like writing them. And generally, once I've done so, I don't actually need them anymore - just getting it down kinda cements what I want to say.
These notes aren't really of the review/outline type, but more of the, Hey, I just came across this neat thing in the book, talk about it. The exceptions to this (ie, the time I will diligently keep notes AND use them) is when I really really really don't like a book (gotta back it up!) or when I'm going to do a vlog review, because otherwise I'll babble like a mofo.

So. Those are kinda boring for quirks, huh?  How 'bout one last one - when I'm doing any SERIOUS writing, everything around me has to be clean*, and I can't have any music or other words pouring in at me.

(*That may relate to the first quirk, if I'm honest...)

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