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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Fairy Tale Fahsions: SNOW WHITE Lookbook!

A few days ago, I gave you my take on a modern Ariel. Today we're taking on one of the most iconic, recognizable fairy tale heroines of all time: Snow White. Once again you'll find nods to the character's Disney fame, as well as my take on what she'd like based on who she is: in this case, my sweet, too-trusting, effortlessly pretty, talks-to-birds Snow is a fan of traditionally feminine shapes and patterns, but with a youthful boldness thrown in to keep her lively.

Sweeheart necklines, peter pan collars, lace, bows and florals abound, plus the primary colors of her Hollywood days, with the goal of keeping our Snow always the fairest of them all - but in an effortless and not super showy way (which is her, after all - and part of why her Stepmonster was so jealous... That, and she was just super-cray).

Because Snow goes for effortless-cute (and because it's late, and I already had so much), I didn't do accessories or purses with Snow's looks. But considering her track record with accessories* and the fact that she has at least 7 men to carry things around for her, I think we'll be okay.

*I mean, the girl was almost killed by corset laces and a hair comb. Probably best to keep it simple.

click for zoomability

1st Looks: Snow likes to fall back on those bold primary colors she became accustomed to in her film starlet days - and we all know she likes to mix and match them. This is definitely Snow's most diverse "look," with lots of shapes, colors and textures to play with.
In this lookYellow lace dressYellow lace skirt, 50s style Cherry dressRed and white strapless day dressRed bow bandeau shirtRoyal blue blousy off the shoulder topRoyal blue "sandollar" lace skirtRoyal blue flowy dress, sweatheart blue polka dot A-line dress; Julep polish in "Ally" and a classic nude pump in "Olive"

2nd Looks:  Snow's always had an innocence about her, which seems to make people either want to kill her or protect her. I'm sure there's something we could analyze in that, but for now, let's just talk about Snow's affinity for soft pinks and cutesy/flirty dresses. Just tell me any one of these wouldn't look darling with her pale skin, dark hair and red, red lips.
In this lookPink and white babydol dressRuffle babydoll dress, super-adorbs Heart-polka dot dressFabric rosette dressEssie polish in "Ballet Slippers"neutral ballet flats in "Sola"

3rd Looks:  And keeping with the effortless-cute, talks-to-birds theme, I'd imagine Snow would like a good print - preferrably a floral. Princess and A-line cuts are bit hits with Snow, and cinched waists and peter pan collars would probably be frequent staples, too.
In this lookPurple floral print dressPink floral print dressGarden cropped skinny pantWhite and black peter pan collared topCinched-wasit lace topButter London polish in "Yummy Mummy"goes-with-anything gray booties in "Suzy"

So, what do you guys think of my "looks" for Snow White? Agree? Disagree?
Let me know how you'd dress her in the comments, and if you want to make your own character lookbook, PLEASE DO SO! I'd love to see it, so make sure you link it up on the participation linky!!

Fashions and images from LuLu's, ModCloth, Shop Ruche and Deb. Accesories and styling from Julep, Essie, Butter London, and JustFab.

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  1. I can definitely see Snow White in the pink numbers. She seems a bit too good to be true so I see her in the pink for girls. I'd like to put a streak of pink in her hair and doll her up in some leather pants with a leather vest and some stilleto boots. Maybe some chains but no spiked collar (hate those). A tasteful tattoo and maybe some piercings. What do you think?


  2. I think she could use some spicing up, Heather, so that works for me. =D

  3. This post is absolutely beautiful

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.


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