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Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday Face Off: The Space Between

So, who noticed Misty forgot it was Friday last Friday? And who wants Misty to never speak of herself in the 3rd person, ever, ever again? *raises hand*
Yeah, so I just totally forgot there was a weekend last weekend. This may be because there was a crazystupid event at work in which every person in the known universe traipsed through with their screaming children and crazy eyes. Or maybe I'm getting senile in my old age, whatever. Either way, I've remembered it's Friday this time, so. Onto this week's Face Off!
I've shown the US and UK versions of Brenna Yovanoff's books on Face Off before (mostly because the US versions are soooooooooo gorgeous that I want to shove them in everyone's faces. Look: shiny!). But I recently came across this cover re-do for the US paperback of Yovanoff's The Space Between, and lo! a Face Off was born...  Though I feel like I would normally be drawn to this cover, that the designers would mess with the lovely synergy going on between the original covers of Brenna's books makes me kinda fronwy-faced.  But maybe if you're not as obsessed with her books as I am, you won't be as bothered by the break in tradition? So let me know, which piques your interest? Which would you reach for?
Which one did it better?

Last Week(ish) on FFO: The UK and US versions of  the second book in Sarah J. Maas' Throne of Glass series, Crown of Midnight, went head to head in a battle of details and styling, and like the first time around, the UK won. And this is a rare instance where I have to disagree; with Throne of Glass, it was a no-contest UK win, but this time, with little tweaks like bringing the image forward and coloring the background, make the cover as a whole feel more rich and complete. (Though they are both, as vitajayne said, bad ass!)
Winner --------->


  1. Its gotta be the cover on the left with all the scrollwork going on :)

  2. I would reach for the second one first. I don't have a particular reason beyond that it simply catches my eye first.

  3. I saw this while at the book store. They had both the HC and PB and I was sorely disappointed. I LOVE the hardcover look of her books. SO much. I do like that they waited until the paperback to change the cover, but I'm a MUCH bigger fan of the original.

  4. I like the one on the left, if for no other reason than it's stylized, interesting, and *not* a disembodied head. I am very much done with the cover trend of showing a woman's head, like it's all intriguing....not a bad cover, just so overdone.

  5. They're both interesting, but I would pick up the one on the right.


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