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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Beauty & the Beast + Lizzie Bennet Diaries Mashup (ie THE BEST THING ever)

This thing.
This thing is THE BEST thing.

I can't even calculate how long it would take someone to do something like this, but ZOMG AM I GLAD SOMEONE DID.

I know you know I'm a Jane Austen fanatic, and I also know I'm not alone in that. (You guys are joining me for Jane in June, right?)  So most of you are no strangers to the glorious thing that is The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. And yes, though we're all sorts of frowny faced that it's now over (but excited for Sanditon!!), at least we can rewatch it in all its glory AND binge on awesome fan created stuff like THIS genius mashup of LBD and Beauty and the Beast.

Did I mention that it was amaze? Because it.is.AMAZE.

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  1. cranberry and green bean jello!

  2. I didn't get it. Please explain it. But I also didn't follow the LBD. However I will be joining the Jane in June. Will I get it then?


  3. The LBD is a modern adaptation of Pride and Prejudice, which itself is *sort of* a Beauty and the Beast story (ish).

    This is a mashup of LBD footage with a song from Beauty and the Beast, and it is perfect. And you should TOTALLY watch the LBD. (and yes, then it will all make sense)


    You cannot introduce me to addictive stuff like this when I have a house to clean and work to do and social justice to spring on deserving third parties. SOMEONE, and I'm not saying who, stayed up 'til 4. In. The. Morning. Eh, what's one more diary entry among friends?

    Thou, knave... ;)

  5. RIGHT?!?! Fortunately I started the series right at the beginning (which is also UNfortunate, as I had to wait in between episodes); every time I tell someone about the LBD, I tell them to set aside a few hours...

  6. Okay are we going to be reviewing LBD during Jane in June or is this something I need to catch up on? And are you going to be doing this much posting in June because, MY GOD! I cannot keep up with all these posts! How do you do it!!

    Did I see a read along for The Trouble with Flirting was happening? I've been waiting to read my copy. I realize this has nothing to do with FTF. Sorry.


  7. I recently learned about this web series and I can't wait to start watching it!

    Angela's Anxious Life

  8. SO MUCH LOVE FOR THIS!!! Ah, I was cracking up the entire time! Whoever made this is a genius. I can't wait to see what else they make, as now my expectations are huge. And....they're doing Sanditon???! *swoony*

  9. That was amazing. I laughed my head off. I'm glad somebody made this.

  10. I won't be "reviewing" LBD, necessarily (although it has run its course now, so maybe...), but I will be talking about it. But yes, you should watch it.

    As for Trouble with Flirting, I don't know about a read along, but I want to read either that or her other one, Epic Fail.

    And yeah, lots of posts for JnJ. BUT, you don't have to read them all at once - they'll be there forever and ever! ;)


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