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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

When my inner SNARK-monster rears her beautiful, glorious head...

Sometimes this happens:
(email to me, whose name, you may know, is Misty. It only says it every-damn-where on my site...)

Hi Annie
I work on the marketing team at  redacted  and am emailing a couple select bloggers
like you about a free day next wednesday for our newest release, redacted. On 9/5/12, this book will be free on Amazon for eBook readers. 
Do you think your readers at  redacted  would be interested? 
Of course, we realize you would want to review the book before talking about it so I’ve
included a press kit which you can download here. redacted 
It includes complimentary copies of the book for your reading pleasure. If you’re
interested, we’d love to set up an interview with the Author or get you a few signed
copies of the paperback. Just let us know, whatever you need, we’ll get it. 
Love what you’re doing so keep it up. 
Oh yeah, I found your email information online at  redacted Just wanted to make sure it’s all right.
~ Brian 

And sometimes, when that happens, I just chuckle, shake my head in wonder, and walk away.
But sometimes....
Sometimes, this happens.

Hello, Brad. 
You don't mind if I call you Brad, do you? Even though your email clearly says your name is Brian? 'Cause here's why:
  • My name is not Annie. 
  • My blog is not "redacted." 
  • And a quick perusal of the site, redacted, shows the contact for that blog isn't named "Annie" either - it's Lauri. 
So I must infer from this that you just like attributing names to people that you think they should have, and to you, I guess I'm an Annie.
I've never really felt like an Annie, but I could be wrong.

Anyway, thank you, Brad, for the offer, but I think I'll have to pass.


I know we all get this from time to time. Ashley from Bookish Brunette did a fantastic post on this once, and if I didn't suck at life, I could find it and Kitty found it for me!  What do you guys do when you get emails like this?  
And what's the best, most-ridiculous one you've ever gotten?

*In case you were wondering, "redacted" is a replacement for sensitive info. Not that the  info is sensitive, but the other bloggers info wasn't necessary to this, and I figured, why pull her into it, and I certainly wasn't going to give this guy and his Co. any screentime, yaknow?

***EDITED TO ADD: IF you get this SAME email, I would not recommend clicking on the link in the email OR responding. There is always the potential that it is an info-gathering phishing scam (similar to what Parajunkee talks about here), and as at least one other blogger got the exact same email, chances are it's not just some oaf effing up his job. (Though I guess it could be - a misstep with find and replace, or ann accidental mass email, maybe?)
Be on the safe side, and just delete and move on with your life.


  1. This is the same email exactly I was just tweeting about. I myself usually just delete and move on with my life, but I in fact also replied with similar information to the sender.
    I understand mistakes can be made, but when your blog name is your email address my eyes kind of go wonky and my brain hurts wondering how they couldn't at least address the Hello ____ correctly.
    Now I wonder how many were on his email list and what other kind of responses that he may be getting right now.. hopefully Ashley (bookish brunette) is in a good mood today! it might be heading her way lol

  2. Hmmm, that's a little fishy. Hope it's not an info-gathering phishing scam!

  3. Loved your response, Annie ... oops, I meant MISTY lol ;D

    These potential phishing scams are bad enough, but I really hate the mass mailing spam that isn't gender specific ... like, does my name SOUND like I need/want Viagra??? :P

    Good for you, girl!!

  4. Eh. I just click delete. I'm used to foreigners mis-spelling my first name and I don't particularly care anymore.

  5. Hahah love your response! Great post :)

  6. I received this same exact email this morning! and was so confused, lol! I already deleted it, but will have to keep an eye on things, sounds really phishy!

  7. Thanks for the smiles, Misty. Love your response! :)

  8. I loved it. If a real person actually gets your response I hope Brad/Brian/Buffy or whoever has just a moment where brain kicks in...however I wouldn't hold my breath. I usually just delete. I hate when this happens at the doctors. They just can't say a name right to save their lives...heehee And after a bazillion times in there it gets rather old. And I pay them money too. grrr

  9. Oh my goodness! I don't think I've told you recently just how much I legitimately love you. Like, frealz. This totally just made my day.

  10. I got the same exact email and decided just before clicking on the link that it was exactly what they wanted me to do. There was no information downloaded like there usually is, no press kit, I had to go to another site. I just deleted it or I might have reported it as spam. But the did get my name right. I usually get Dear Blogger. Glad I didn't click on it.


  11. The phishy/suspicious-y emails call me Laura from Laura's Crammed Bookshelf a lot. It's kind of funny.

    Even from people who are legit, I get lots of typos. Lana, Liana, Lania, you name it.

  12. Is this the post you were looking for? http://www.bookish-brunette.com/review-policy/author-review-request-etiquette/
    It's hard to believe people would be so rude and just stupid.

  13. DUDE... This is EPIC!!!

    I never even waste my time replying to ignorant a-holes. Seriously. Gah!

    And you don't suck at life... Dear lord, It'd take forever to find the post... If I remember later- I'll try to send you the link! <3

  14. Yes, Kitty, I think that's the one!
    Adding it in now. =)


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