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Thursday, September 6, 2012

My "BookTube" Story

Y'all know I make videos, too, right? Most of them make their way over here to the blog, but some are just on the youtube channel.  This is one that could have just stayed on the channel, but I figured I'd share it here with you, too, in case any of you are considering expanding over to vlogging, or are just curious.
So here it is, my "booktube story" - a response to Bunny Cates, who wantes to know how people got into vlogging and what makes them stay, as well as advice for newbies and hope-tos.

If you want to see Bunny's original video, or response with your own, check out this vlog: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3YglDlS4MGg


  1. Hm, I never knew about this booktube community but now I'm intrigued. I've actually never made a video before. Does it take a lot of time to clean up and put together?

  2. I actually found the book blog and vlog community through you at the beginning of this year. I had had no idea that such a thing existed! I was on GoodReads before, but that was it.

    So, ever since then I've been following a lot of blogs and vlogs regularly. I started my own book blog about a month ago. Now I'm thinking about making videos, because the people over at Youtube just seem to be having so much fun. :)


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