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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Bookshelf Tour, Part One: The Overview

Everyone has been asking me for years to do a bookshelf tour, so... your wish is my (very belated) command!
Let me know in the comments if you want a more detailed tour, and if so, how you'd like it to be formatted.
Also, feel free to tweet me pictures of YOUR bookshelves, especially if you organize them in an unusual way, like I do! (After all, I showed you mine...we all know how this deal goes. ;P)

Sorry for the shaky camera-ness. Turns out it's really hard to maneuver around my bookshelves with a teeny tiny camera...


  1. I absolutely love the way shelves look organized by cover. I would love to do that with my shelves, but I have to have my authors and series together.

  2. You took the words out of my mouth - I was going to say you're crazy for organising your books by colour and how do you find anything? Your bookshelves look very pretty but I'm an uptight freak about these things and it actually disturbs me slightly to see a book that starts with F next to a book that starts with S or books by the same author so far apart. I'm old-fashioned and boring when it comes to how I organise my bookshelves: alphabetically by author, and if I have more than one of the author's works, I put those in publication order. EXCEPT if they published different books in between series (the way Ally Carter published a Gallagher Girl book, then a Heist Society book, then a GG book again). Series books must go together, in number order.

  3. I don't think it's crazy to organize books by colour. But that might be because I don't really organize my books any way - I'm ok with them being all over the place. As long as they fit.

    I remember you used to post pictures of your bookshelves by colour. A few years ago, maybe. Just now I've kept my eyes open so I could spot the Cordelia Kenn book :)

  4. I absolutely love them organized by color! That's how I remember a book, by the cover. So organizing by color is a great way to do it and your shelves look like artwork to me!

    I really want to see your signed books shelves. I'd love one shelf at a time to see the books on them.

    So jealous of those bookshelves!


  5. I love the way you organize your shelves, but it would drive me crazy. I organize mine by genre and series. I have to have the series books together or it drives me crazy. I have a vampire shelf, a zombie shelf, a science fiction shelf, and a YA shelf. Unfortunately, other than that I just don't have the room to be picky where the books go. I have two very large bookshelves and one small one, all pretty much stuffed.


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