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Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday Face Off: Blessed

I know reactions to the US cover of Tonya Hurley's The Blessed have been pretty mixed (though I, for one, love  the creepy crap right out of it), so I'm curious to see how it will fare against the UK version (the model of which you may recall from the revamp of Gabrielle Zevin's Birthright series). So, my darlings, let me know your thoughts in the comments - what do you think of these covers? Would you reach for the book based on either, and which would you rather have on your own shelves?
Which one did it better?

EDIT: As many have mentioned, the US cover is reversible (which I think is genius), and I believe this is the reverse cover (or back cover? not sure), if anyone's interested.

Last Week on FFO: Jill Hathaway's Slide went up against itself in a US/UK face off. The results were pretty mixed, but the US was able to pull out the win. Personally, I'm still torn, and though I intend to buy this book at some point, I'm not sure which I want to see on my shelves. There's something mysterious and thriller-y about the US cover, and though the UK cover sort of looks like a poster for a teen slasher flick, it pops and my eyes are drawn back to it. Hmm...
Winner ----->


  1. UK wins. Totally. The US one is creepy. And weird! Lol! I'd be more likely to pick the UK edition. :D

  2. But I LOVE that it's creepy!! It's unsettling and weird, which makes me want to know why - it makes me want to know what it's about, and find out what the story holds, which means it's doing its job as a cover.

    And it's a cover that has a lot of 'interestingness' - Creepy weirdness wins for me hands down.

  3. It looks like a really creepy Amanda Seyfreid or however her last name is spelled. LOL

  4. I am going to have to go with US, and with that hardcover, you can reverse the dust jacket and there is another picture on the other side, it is pretty cool.

  5. I'm going with US - it fits the story much, much better. (The girl looks like one of the characters and has a rosary.)

    The UK is pretty, but looks like an urban fantasy cover.

  6. I don't particularly like either cover. :/ I do however find it interesting that the model in the US cover is blonde while the model in the UK cover has dark hair. As well as the opposing colour schemes.

    I'm going with US BECAUSE at least it doesn't remind me of another book.

  7. Hmm, I follow the artist who did the US cover on DeviantArt, and I have to say I prefer the cover version she posted: http://fav.me/d5f4q01 - I wonder if it is the reverse dust jacket picture that BookWormInBarrie was talking about.

    The UK cover is pretty, but it's a bit confusing that it has the same model as the Birthright series... it might lead one to think that it was part of that series. But my gothic heart loves the black and red!

    Hmmm, I would probably reach for both books in the store to see what they were about! But I'm going to give my vote to the US one - the light blue & yellow combination looks really shiny, and the cover suits the name.

  8. Tough call, but I think I'd go for the US version - it is far creepier and jumps out at you. Plus, the UK cover (like you said) has the same model as Zevin's book, which is kinda off-putting to me. lol

  9. Whoa, the US one is creepy. I'd go for that one, even though that girl might give me nightmares. The UK one is kind of dull.

    Celine ~ Nyx Book Reviews

  10. The UK cover. I like the darker color scheme and agree with Moirae that the US cover looks like Amanda Seyfried, which puts me off, even though she's Cosette in the upcoming Les Mis, which I am SO excited for.

  11. These blow me away. SO different.
    Such different vibes. I'm going to say the girl with the cropped hair because the other girl creeps me out.

  12. BY FAR UK. Omg the US one is just too comical for me. Like Amanda Seyfried at a halloween party for a cult. Sooooo. No. Definitely UK. hahaha


    Sierra has it right. She DOES look like Amanda Seyfried. Weird.

    I hate the US cover. It's amongst my least favorite covers OF ALL TIME. I would refuse to read the book with that cover, though I hear it's awful, so that's okay.

  14. Maija, I'm pretty sure that is the reverse side of the cover. Which I think is genius.

    I do see the Amanda Seyfried thing everyone is talking about, but it doesn't throw me off. I will say, I hated this cover in the beginning (it just looked unfinished somehow), but have since grown to LOVE it. It's just so intriguing and pushes the creepy factor farther than I would have expected.

    Cass - I didn't even think about the fact that the two characters have different hair colors; I just thought in terms of one being darker overall and one being lighter. But now I'm really curious which actually FITS.

  15. I like both, but I prefer the US version. The first time I saw it, I really wanted to know what the novel was about.

  16. I actually prefer the UK cover this time though I like them both.

  17. Two email votes for the UK cover!

    (I think y'all are crazy... =P )

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