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Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday Face Off: Monstrous Beauty

Today's Face Off is one I've been thinking about for awhile. Elizabeth Fama's upcoming Monstrous Beauty has been given a cover redo, and much like when this happened to another mermaid-y book, The Vicious Deep, I'm torn. You see, I completely get the change: the new cover (left) is more timeless, has some mystery, will appeal more to a larger audience, etc., etc.  And for all I know, probably suits the book better. But like The Vicious Deep, I had already fallen in love with the cover that graced the ARC (right). I mean, it's a little strange and a little off, but in that good way, you know? But mostly, I just love the subtle detail. There's so much texture in that rocky scene, so much fantastic shadow, all these teeny tiny variations in shade, and I just can't help but love it.   Again - like the original cover for TVD, I want to have this as a poster. Love.
But I know the new cover has been pretty well-received across the board (as was the redesign of TVD), so maybe it's just me when it comes to these mermaid shake-ups? What do you guys think?  Without having read it or knowing what it was about, which would you reach for on bookstore or library shelves?
Which one did it better?

Last Week on FFO:  The old and new cover designs for Kenneth Oppel's Apprenticeship of Victor Frankenstein series faced off, with the sleekly sinister new covers winning in a landslide. And it's really no wonder: my eyes slid right over the dark cover of the original, which would really have to be seen up close to get any kind of appreciation for the detail. But the new covers... well, I'm seriously thinking about buying them...
Winnahs ------->


  1. I much prefer the new cover. The ARC cover looks like a self-pubbed book - bad photoshop and cheesy typography.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Definitely the gray one. I usually prefer blue covers but the gray one sells it. I love the mystery and dark shades.

  4. I love the original cover, it's soooo pretty! The new cover is very similar to Of Poseidon, it's just a mermaid on the front!

    I was all up for reading this book, I even pre ordered, but I cancelled it and won't go near it since the author got on her high horse... shame!

  5. Is there a neither option? Sigh.

    Much as I didn't love the original cover, I think that it works better. She definitely does look like she could mess you up, which would be rather monstrous of her!

  6. The one on the left, the new cover, is my favorite. Blue & gold is always a good color combination. The design & composition is great, with the tail framing the title.

    The photo in the ARC version has beautiful silver tones, but it doesn't work that well as a cover - the title just seems to be floating there, and the font doesn't tie in with the image.

  7. So glad you did this one! Most of the reactions I've seen were really disappointed/appalled by the new cover, but I MUCH prefer it to the old one with the model. I wouldn't even pick this book up with the model on the cover, it looks way too chincy. I mean...how could a mermaid possibly have THAT much eye make up on? It's just ridiculous. I'll take the new one thank you.

  8. (Ugh, I deleted my original comment because I got things mixed up).

    I prefer the new blue cover. The grey one screams self-published to me.

  9. I much prefer the first one. I think it's stunning. I don't really like seeing faces on my books, I like the mystery of seeing the side of the face of the back of the person. I also like the colors much more with the first cover. More magical looking to me.


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