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Sunday, January 31, 2010

I've had a busy couple of weeks lately, so I haven't been able to keep up with my fellow bloggers, which makes me sad. So when I opened my Google Reader today (after I pulled myself out of the deluge), I came across some super fun stuff that my friend Velvet is doing over on vvb 32 reads.
Turns out its Vampire Week. And I nearly missed it. Velvet's having lots of super-bloody-awesome vampireness going on, and she's encouraging others to come out and play. I can play. So, we're going to have a vampy, campy good time. In multiple parts.


Some of you may recall the Vampire Wall O' Goodness, back Helluva Halloween way. Everyone seemed to have a lot of fun with that, so we're going to have a bit of a sequel. In mini form. With a twist.

Name. That. Vamp!


All of these pictures were created by people far more awesome than I. But because I want to be awesome, too, here's me, all vamped up:


Vampire Haiku:

Oh! the crisp, sharp tang,
this salty, luxurious,
perfect fine blood wine.


It's so very red
You are dripping on my shirt -
You shouldn't squirm so.

You're skin is so pale;
Also, icy icy cold -
Are you a vampire?

Okay, that last one was just for fun. Well, they're all just for fun, but you get it, right?

Well, that was fun. I wish I had time for more (and maybe I will, later). Feel free to comment with your guesses for the wall, ridicule my attempts at photo editing*, or try your hand at haiku (please!!!). I may just remember your participation down the road...

*yeah...that's what it was. Totally edited. I definitely don't look like that in real life. Honest.


  1. Great Pics. Love the haiku

    You ARE awesome.

  2. love it! okay, the wall, i can only name, christian bale, dr. house, naomi watts and kate winslet? urg. the other faces look familiar but don't know who. you're vamp image is eeery. i'll have to arm myself with vervain and stake if i ever meet you in person ;-D

  3. Hugh Laurie is seriously creepy as a vamp. You, on the other hand, look awesome !!


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