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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Back in the cyber saddle (ha. I'm a dork.) + Stuff you wanna hear

Alright, I am back in the world of the cyber whatnot (thank god; I was going through serious withdrawals; definitely need to start scheduling posts, so things are at least ready to go on their own...). So, since I've been gone, I have some business to take care of. The first is some thank yous:

~ to everyone who expressed concern at my 'disappearance' ~ thanks. I know who would call the cops and start a search party. Except you don't actually know me, but it's the thought, right?
~ Thanks to my little sister, who let me use her phone when mine was kaput (and typing on her tiny tiny phone = worse than my own, except that hers actually has buttons, so that was a plus of sorts)
~ BIG THANKS to Krista @ Tower of Books, who revealed herself as my Secret Santa, AND who sent me my very own copy of Austenland since Enna Burning was a no-show!!! Thanks, Krista! I got it on Xmas Eve, and I was so excited/confused, because I didn't know why I was getting it, but I love that book (I'm such a girl), AND that's the cover that I like, AND I was really hoping I would get it, as I keep almost buying it. Add that bit of awesomeness to The Comet's Curse you sent, and you rock my socks off. :)
~ Thanks to everyone else who sent me a book or bookish something that I received during the holiday:
~Elie, thanks for Fallen, I just got it, and I am super excited -- I just keep looking at that gorgeous cover!
~Bill, thank you THANK YOU for sending me Hush, Hush and The Immortal just because you're awesome like that!
~Kathy that I work with, thanks for the Borders card!
~ Thanks again to Elie for coming up with the 12 Blogs! It was a blast!
~ Thanks and sorry, anyone I forgot!

But all this is probably not what you came here for, is it? So, with no further dudes*

we have a

Or 5 of them, I should say.

The lucky winners that are about to break my bank account (just kidding. Maybe) with a book of their choice from this list are:

Amber P.!!!

There you have it, folks. Send me your addresses and I will get your books in the mail shortly (or BD will, I suppose).
I'll be drawing some names from my hat-like device within the next day or so, and as soon as I decide just what it is you're getting, I will have some more good news for some of my lovelies.

Ahh, it's good to be back.

*10 cool points+ if you know who says that.
+ note: cool points are utterly useless at this time, though not always; cool points are for bragging rights only, and are not redeemable for any kind of cash except the little pink Monopoly cash, and an occasional green; Monopoly cash redeemable only if you send me a picture of yourself with a monocle and/or top hat.


  1. Thanks for the love, you are totally welcome. Glad your back.

  2. It's good to have you back! It looks like you've gotten some great books though!

    I'm so happy I won something! Thank you! I've sent you an email.


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