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Friday, December 4, 2009

Um, really?

Dear US Postal Service,
Next time you have a package to deliver for me, and you can b a r e l y fit it into the box, how's about you just put it in my door. You see, the box has a rim on it that, when accessed from my side, means I CAN'T GET THE EFFING THING OUT. This means that I try to shimmy it out for 30 minutes while shivering in the Michigan December weather, whilst my books are sitting there, tantalizingly out of reach. Next time, pull your head out of your ass, walk your lazy self the extra distance to my door and be less of an idiot.
Thank you.


  1. FRICK! that happens to me all the time.


  2. Awww...you poor thing! I hate it when that happens. Go grab some hot chocolate and start reading!

  3. You make me laugh *laughs*

    But poor you. Awww. :(

    He should get a stubbed toe or something of the like for doing that - joking.

  4. Sometime our postie does this - look, if a parcel is going to get half in to the box, and then no further, wouldn't it just be easier to put it on the doorstep? Like you do with other big parcels?

    Post people can be strange sometimes...

  5. Wow, nice doormen! :(
    Some people are just so stupid. :)

  6. You forgot this part:

    And if by some miracle, you do actually get your lazy self to my door, don't just throw it wherever it lands. If there is cover, put my package under it. You wouldn't want my package to get RAINED on, would you?

  7. We have similar problems with our postal guys too. When it rains, he'll leave the flap open so all of our mail and book packages get wet. I try to get stuff shipped to work as often as possible. Sheesh!

  8. URGH! It's not just the US Postal Service - it happens to me all the time, too, and I'm in France. I also regularly have things torn open and stolen. I'll receive packages with just a letter - someone opened it and stole whatever else was inside.
    The worst is when I am IN my apartment, and I receive a package slip since the postman couldn't be bothered to walk to feet to ring to see if I was home.

  9. You tell him sister! I hate when they do stuff like that!


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