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Monday, December 21, 2009

Ho, ho, ho and stuff

A while back, I signed up for Secret Santa with Kate over at the Neverending Shelf. I revealed a few posts ago that I got a mysterious package in the mail, consisting of a book called The Comet's Curse

Yeah, that's still mysterious, as I have no idea who sent it.

But today, I thought I would take off my own santa beard and reveal myself.

I played Secret Santa to the lovely Alyssa of Teens Read and Write. Because Alyssa made the Nice list this year, I had my elves pick out two things from her wishlist, and 1 thing I thought she might like. Want to see what my elves dropped in her stocking?


  1. Awesome! Haven't read any of these, but Lament and Graceling are in my TBR pile. Which means I'll be pestering Alyssa for reviews so I know how close to put them to the top!

  2. Good stuff. I really liked Lament and Graceling. Enjoy!

  3. Oh, she must have been good! I haven't read any of these either.

  4. Gregory and I had to look just so we know something Alyssa doesn't. (She won't come look since she loves surprises. Gotta give her credit for that kind of discipline.) But it's making her crazy not to look, which means we now get to drive her crazy!

    She is going to be SOOOOOOO excited. She really liked Lament and was dancing around when she got that.

    Gaceling is her top read this year. She loves it so much she had her avatar designed after the UK cover. (UK rocks!) Uber-assassin girl Katsa is her alter ego. It was a library read and she has so wanted to own it. Great choice!

    And a copy of Lightning? Are you kidding she is going to explode! She's going to go nuts!

    You are among the most awesome-ist Secret Santas ever. Oh, we can't wait to go make her crazy with what we know that she doesn't! Off to torture now!

    Merry Christmas, Misty!

    Jake and Gregory

  5. Wow, such great gifts! I want you as my Secret Santa next year ;)

    I own Graceling, but I'm yet to read it, I want Lament... AND I LOVE LIGHTNING! That book was just sooo cool, so clever! I didn't think it was much of a horror though - as it was advertised on the cover of my Dad's copy.But awesome choices! What a clever Santa :)

  6. Hee hee. J&G, pleeeeeeeeeease torture away. I have siblings, too.

  7. Wahoo! Lucky Alyssa. Nice stack. You rock Misty and Alyssa is awesome so she totally deserves your fab choices.

  8. Very good books you have chosen. I am sure she will love them.


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