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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

100 followers contest winners!!!

After a whole lot of arduous math, and some fun on random.org, I have come up with my two (as promised; thanks for getting me to 150+) winners for my 100 followers contest! They are

#8 Elie of Ellz Readz


#361 Jo of Once Upon a Bookcase (et al)
(who had the most entries BY FAR. Way to comment and show your support, Jo!)

Both lovelies get to pick any book from this list.
They have been emailed.

Remember, the contest for a signed copy of Sea Glass ends TONIGHT!

And keep your eyes pealed, 'cause there is certainly more to come...


  1. Haha, it was a boring Sunday, I had nothing to do, so I thought why not catch up on all your reviews AND get some entries for a contest? Lol!

    Thanks, Misty, I've emailed you back! :)


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