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Friday, December 4, 2009

Question of the day

I have a question for you folks. When it comes to contests, do you prefer to enter those where there are multiple winners getting one book apiece, or contests where there is only 1 winner who gets the whole haul? On the one hand, you have more chances, and on the other, you have a chance at something big.

Just give me an option a/option b, please.


  1. I personally like contests where there are multiple winners. Otherwise, I inevitably don't want some of the books in the prize package or I already have read some of them and don't need another copy.

  2. Multiples :) I love more chances to win.

  3. I think I like where there are more winners - especially if you have a choice...I have a contest right now, and everyone will get a choice weather they like it or not LOL :)

  4. I like em both, although I think I prefer multiple chances to win. I always get too jealous of the person who wins everything. And then half the time I don't want ALL the books, anyway.

  5. I like to share the love - a book or two per winner.
    Also if the giveaway is international it is unlikely all the winner will require 'rest of the world' (= ridiculously expensive) postage bracket.

  6. My contest I'm having right now is doing very well. Multiple winners and multiple books. Sliding scale based on how much my followers go up. A lot more attention to this one that I've gotten for big contests with one winner, or smaller contests with multiple winners. - Parajunkee


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