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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hunger Games #3

Alright, since I am lacking in the real posts department lately (I really should make myself sit down and write some reviews before I start forgetting things...), I figured the least I could do is give you some
news. The final book in the Hunger Games trilogy has a release date! Though we still have to wait rabidly for awhile, at least now we know there is an end to our suffering:
August 24th, 2010.

For the full article from Publisher's Weekly, go here.


  1. Doesn't it make you want to do cartwheels?

  2. All the way to Suzanne Collins house to steal the MS...

  3. Wohoo! Read about this yesterday too. Can't wait. I'm sure the cover will be fabulous as well.
    I too have been lacking in the posting-department lately. Work and life just manage to get in the way sometimes.

  4. FINALLY, I can start counting the days down for this untitled book. It would be nice if they told us the title!



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