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Friday, August 6, 2021

Things I DON'T Love about JAFF (vlog)

Earlier this week, I shared some of the things that made me fall in love with JAFF (Jane Austen fanfiction). But like all good things, it's not always... all good. 

Here are some of the things I don't particularly love when it comes to JAFF. Do you agree? Disagree? Have your own pet peeves? I want to hear all abou them in the comments!

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  1. I found myself nodding like a bobble head doll to what you were describing as disappointments in the JAFF genre. I think you put into words what I have struggled to explain in reviews and discussions when it comes to why some and not others work for me. Under the changing character part you mentioned, I find a lot of the Elizabeths, Emmas, and Mariannes in the historical variations and retellings are either obnoxious in her recognizable traits overblown or way modern to be in a historical. And, yes, the soap opera drama is a type of variation and retelling I avoid if I can because I am rarely an appreciative audience and don't even want to finish the book.
    But, another one for me is a love triangle. Nothing against the author and it's all on me as a reader preference, but this is my most hated trope (along side the secret baby one which thankfully, JAFF writers haven't tackled much)and I just can't.

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  3. It looks like I read the wrong one as I've read P&P and Zombies but not the other one you mentioned. You covered what I dislike most about jaff with your first two points although I don't mind so much the gothic aspects you mentioned as I can still enjoy them even though they are not my favorite stories. A pet peeve I have are when there are lots of spelling mistakes.

  4. Yes! Changing the characters or their responses is the worst but so is not making it fresh. You nailed it.

    Also BTW, hey girl! *wave* I LOVE that you're still doing this. Popped by on a whim and was so happy to find all these posts.


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