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Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Get Immersive: a Comprehensive(?) List of Regency TV, from Beth

Every year, I choose something for us to watch as a group and live-tweet, and if you've never joined in, lemme tell you: it is a blast! We've quoted our way through Clueless, swooned over many an iteration of Sense & Sensibility, and frankly, laughed our asses off at the 80s version of Northanger Abbey. (Seriously. I highly recommend pulling up that twitter thread and reading through while you watch that movie with at least one cocktail. It's a whole thing.)

Thing is, I don't know what I want to watch with you this year. I have yet to watch Sanditon (I know, I know), but that's too long for a weekend viewing. There are movies I have watched, that might make for good group viewing, but then what's available on which streaming service? 

Long story short, I'm not sure if / what we'll be group-watching this year, but I am open to suggestions. And to that end, Beth has put together (for her own purposes) a long, long list of all of the Regency-set TV shows and movies out there, along with where to find them, and she very kindly is sharing it with us. 

So whether you want to browse through and find something to suggest for our group-watch, or whether you just want to dive in and immerse yourself in the entire Regency world for Austen in August -- and really, why wouldn't you? -- you can find her list and binge-watch to your heart's content here.

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  1. Enjoy! There are....a lot. Movies, TV shows, mini-series, and web series (which is not set during the Regency but are Austen adaptations, so I included them for giggles....and I really should now add all modern Austen adaptations that are non-web-series as well...)

  2. I have only seen or heard about half of these!!! How have I missed them? Well at least now I have a lot of new goodies to watch. Thanks for this list!

    1. Yay! Honestly, me, too- when I set out to create this list, I thought I had a good handle on it, but there appears to have been a Regency movie/show boom in the 70s that yielded a lot of titles that I'd never heard of. Enjoy!

  3. Gasp, this is excellent. Curtseying low to Beth!


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