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Saturday, March 31, 2018

APRIL TBR + 30 Day Book Binge Kick Off!

#30DayBookBinge starts tomorrow, so I thought I'd pull together a nice little stack of books to work my way through!

Whether you're participating in the challenge or not, I'd love to know what your TBR is for the month (and encourage you to make one, even if you normally don't, because it's such an enthusiasm booster to make lists of books you want to read -- even if you end up ignoring it... )

For more on the binge: bit.ly/30DayBookBinge

Cucumber Quest vol 1: The Donut Kingdom
Cucumber Quest vol 2: The Ripple Kingdmom
Scarlett Hart, Monster Hunter
Star Scouts: League of Lasers
The City on the Other Side
Dragons Beware
Giants Beware
Monsters Beware
Be Prepared
Web of Frost
The Secret Science of Magic
The Incredible Adventures of Cinnamon Girl
Bring Me Their Hearts
probably some audiobooks, idk what (recommend some!)
and possibly some more comics, because I can't help myself.

Disclosure: This is NOT a sponsored video, though many of these books were sent to me for review consideration purposes.

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