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Monday, March 19, 2018

5 Recent Comic Reads!

My thoughts on some of the (many) comics I've been reading lately!
Sorry I don't have bits to show you from each of them -- 3 were digital reads, and though I meant to insert pictures... I forgot. I'm super profesh!
Anyway, google is your friend.

For thoughts on 5 more recent comic reads, head to this post!

(0:30) Fables series
(5:32) Saga vol 8
(6:43) The Prince & the Dressmaker -- full review here!
(9:05) Moonstruck
(12:01) One Day a Dot

Disclosure: The Prince & the Dressmaker, One Day a Dot and Moonstruck were sent to me for review consideration by First Second Books and Image Comics, respectively. The rest were acquired by me. All thoughts and opinions -- whether copies were provided or not -- are honest and my own.

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