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Monday, January 30, 2017


Just after I finished recording this yesterday, I opened up Twitter to see the news that Trump had made the move to ban people based on their religion and country of origin, and bar already vetted, actually legal citizens and visitors from entering the country -- in some cases, THEIR country. So this just further reinforced my main goal of this year.

If you have favorite ways you like to brighten people's days and put good back out into the world, or ways you like to get involved (politically or otherwise! There are lots of ways to make a difference), please let me know in the comments.

There will be more to discuss, I think, on my specific goals and resolutions in the coming days, but this is where I'm at for now. ✌️


  1. I totally get it. On a much smaller scale than you, I got bogged down with review books too. It is so hard to say no to a good book, but your right, the responsibility of having a bunch of books to review sucks the joy out of reading. I felt the same way, that I could no long read what I wanted when I wanted. So, I've stopped taking in books, and only review when I want. And it's freeing! :)

    Wishing you all the best this year! Peace!

  2. Your new direction is not a surprise and I'm really enthusiastic for you to make freeing decisions that will bring contentment and peace. I get busy and can't stop in all the time, but I'll be sticking with you. ;) I've cut back on how many review books I accept and find a good balance between saying yes and saying no has improved my reader girl happies.
    I think trying new things and intentionally trying to figure other people out helps me be kinder. I've found understanding makes kindness happen for me. I might not 'get it' or even approve of it (whatever it is), but understanding allows for me to be compassionate and patient. If that makes sense.

  3. Thank you, for kindness. It's hard to keep focused on it (and it takes a lot of energy). I love all the snail mail and handmade cards you've sent me (and kept them all, as decor)- it HAS inspired me to reach out and write snail mail more to people, with encouragement and faith on their strength. I'd love to find ways to work that into my life more, in ways that I can do even when in the midst of illness (and within my budget). Right now, it's writing and sending encouraging words via snail mail, giving books I've read and loved to friends and family, and participating in OTSP Secret Sister swap. I think other good ways are to spread cuteness and encouragement on social media (although sometimes that seems like false kindness and love, as it's a sort of shotgun spray of genericness). To be honest, I also think people obviously and confidently being themselves IS an act of kindness- it frees and inspires the rest of us to be ourselves, setting an example of a life lived more truly and honestly.

    I think you'll benefit a lot from having the freedom of choice in book reading and reviewing. I think the pressure of living up to an expectation definitely takes the enjoyment out of reading. And then there's this whole competitive book reviewer BS floating out there, too. Freedom of choice is a much better way to go!

    Thank you for sharing more of your life with us! It's bugged me for YEARS that the concept of being a good blogger is being a niche blogger. All of us are more than that! And you're amazing at makeup, and crafting, and you clearly enjoy cooking, and you have adorable pets, and I'm always surprised by your environs (naively, I imagine your state always entirely encased in snow). Stuff like when you went to a murder mystery 1920s party absolutely charmed me. In as much as my time and energy allow, I'll be continuing to follow your adventures. Also, your name is awesome enough, I have no doubt you could come up with an amazing non-bookish play on it for a channel rename, as needed.


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