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Saturday, January 7, 2017


I probably won't be doing regular TBRs this year (though who knows?), but for this month, at least, I DO know what I'll be reading...mostly.

Have you read any of these? Let me know your thoughts in the comments! And if you want to hear more about any of them, let me know that too, and keep an eye out for the Retellings portion of the YA Booktube Awards! The liveshow will be January 26th 5pm EST, there are opportunities to win books (yay!), and you can find out more about all of it here!

Now, onto THE BOOKS:
A Court of Mist & Fury
The Wrath & the Dawn
The Rose & the Dagger

and then possibly:
Beautiful Broken Girls
The Last Harvest
some comics (of course)
and maybe something random from my shelves.

Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored video, though some of these books were sent to me for review consideration purposes.


  1. Wow, over 600 pages. Yeah, that will take a while, but at least you are more than half-way there. Poor Heartless getting eaten. I've had that happen once and had to read a book around tooth holes for several pages.

    I haven't read any of those you have for your book rewards, but I'm familiar with them from reviews. I have the Wrath and the Dawn set on my future reading list.

    I know what you mean about wanting to push review books aside and just read what's already on the shelves. I've had to take a bit of a percentage approach just so I don't get burnt out.

    Wishing you luck on finishing for your live post. :)

    1. I thought about doing a percentage, but the more I thought about it, the more I just wanted to be done with them, for the most part. I have a video planned where I'm going to talk about it, but it just was weighing my mind down too much, and feeling too much like work, and not enough like the enjoyable thing that it is -- even when I liked the books.


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