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Monday, January 23, 2017

Bullet Journal Walkthrough

Sorry this is such a long one, guys. Future bullet journal videos will NOT be, I promise, but I wanted to give some background on how I came to bullet journaling, and what I did before.
If you'd like to see more bullet journal videos, whether walkthroughs and planning videos, or my favorite / go-to designs and techniques for bujo-ing, let me know in the comments! And if YOU bujo, tell me what you do! I'm always looking for new things to incorporate. =D

Previous journaling: 0:45
Current journal walkthrough begins: 6:14
Supplies: 13:58

Things shown:
The notebook I'm currently using
The one I think I'll get next time (Or this (very pretty!) But both of these options are smaller than I'd like)
My favorite pens for bujo are these and these.


  1. I love your videos. Really, I am kind of addicted. You talk ever so softly and nicely about everything; it's so soothing and calming. And you really inspired me with this bullet journaling. I didn't even know it was a thing before. And since I love everything that has something to do with stationery, I immediately went and search for some notebook in my drawer and started my own planner. Thank you so much for that... I am so looking forward to your new video. Have a lovely time...

  2. I enjoyed your 'journey leading to' bullet journaling because it reminded me of how I had to try various things to get to what felt right for me. I like the concept of bullet journaling because I see flexibility and freedom in it. I haven't done it yet in the strict sense. I still use blank spiral journals and add lists, calendar pages, thoughts, etc there. My book collection and wish lists and blogging calendar are all online for now though my 'read' list is in my journal where I put down details and thoughts.
    I do like your use what you've already got approach and that you have individualized with the Post-Its for your own need. Again, I am struck by the flexibility of this journal organizer process.

    Thanks for posting and giving me a better idea of what it is.

  3. Thank you- I finally now understand this whole bujo thing! I would definitely be one of those people who spend more time organizing lists than getting stuff done. Heck, I already am- just keep a To Do/Ta Da list in one journal and track symptoms in another. That tracker intrigues me...you use it to track which days you did regular to-do things? I like the visual concepts you've done...I do love the versatility, as well. Hrmmmmmm.....might be something I need to explore.....

  4. Thanks for sharing how you do yours. I'm just starting one and am looking and viewing and pinteresting all THE IDEAS on bullet journaling. So this is most helpful!


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