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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Stack of Five: Fairy Tale-esque! | VIEWER'S CHOICE

Stack of Five is back, and we're kicking it off with a stack filled with (mostly) my go-to genre: fantastical, transportive fairy tales!
Find the books linked below, and the synopses in the comments, and then vote for which one you want me to read and review this month!

You can vote 3 ways:
* Comment with which book you want me to read!
* Upvote the synopsis for the book you want me to read! (Youtube-only option.)
* Answer the poll located in the video! (Click the button with the little 'i' in the top right corner to access the poll.)

Spindle's End: http://amzn.to/2kXxrlF
Trickster's Choice: http://amzn.to/2kUq67j
Cybele's Secret: http://amzn.to/2kUpw9M
The Swan Maiden: http://amzn.to/2kXvENE
Paper Valentine: http://amzn.to/2kUvask

Disclosure: This is NOT a sponsored video.


  1. Ha, I've done that- confused one book with another in my head and nattered on only to do an oopsie later.

    So, I'm going with Cybele's Secret for my vote.

    Hope Howl's Moving Castle turns up for you.

  2. Well, I'd love for you to host FTF this year BUT I'm also a bit too buried to participate this year as much as I'd want to. :/ (that being said, you know I adore both events that you host, so I can also see myself procrastinating on everything else so I can make some fairytale covers, fairytale food recipes, compile fairytale-inspired new releases, etc.)

    My fourth choice for you: I read Cybele's Secret (it IS a direct sequel!), and it's good, but it's not as good as Wildwood Dancing, so I don't think I quite recommend it for you, when we compare it with the others.

    My third choice for you: I'm curious about Spindle's End, as I have heard good things, so I'm curious to her what you think if/when you do read it (I value your opinion of books and I think we have similar taste there).

    My second choice for you: Trickster's Choice is one I'm also curious about (and actually own)- my co-writer loves the series, even though he's not a fan of the Alanna series (neither am I, probably because I read it as an adult). Seems like something that would be charming for you, though.

    My first pick for you: The Swan Maiden is totally new to me (this retelling, I mean)- now I'm super curious about it.

  3. The Swan Maiden if it's not too late already. I really love your hair color by the way.


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