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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Lexie™ Talks L.A. | #TheLexieProject

The Lexie Project, the follow up to Heather Demetrios' awesome debut, Something Real, has begun in earnest -- and you can read it for FREE over on Wattpad. [And if you haven't read Something Real, a) don't worry, this is a companion, and b) you totally should!]
Today, Lexie™ herself is here to tell us about her go-to hotspots, now that she's out on her own in the City of Angels.
Check it out, and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Lexie’s Travel Guide To LA

So this is the thing. I’m an actress. And a reality TV personality. And a nineteen-year-old. I also like the color pink and am blonde. For all of these reasons, LA is the town for me. Below are my top tens for the City of Angels, in no particular order. There are tons more places I love, but I tried to narrow it down, with a mixture of things. Grab your sunscreen, your Juicy Couture tracksuit, and a pair of Marc Jacobs shades and get ready to hang out!

  1. The Beach

I mean, duh, right? But here’s the thing: you can’t just go to any old beach. You have to find the right beach. It depends on what you’re looking for. If I want prime people watching and cafes, I go to Santa Monica. But this is only if I don’t intend to swim because that water is nasty. If you want to get in the water and watch hot surfers do their thing (though usually they only go out at dawn, so good luck with that), then you have to go to Zuma Beach in Malibu. Gorgeous beach, clean water, and way less crowded.

  1. 3rd Street Promenade

This outdoor shopping street (pedestrian only) is so awesome. Not only are there a bunch of stores and restaurants, but there are tons of street performers and it’s only a couple blocks from the Santa Monica pier. Bonus: they have affordable parking garages. Grab a frozen yummy drink from Coffee Bean and browse, or go check out a movie. I like to just sit and people watch, too. Santa Monica has loads of weirdos. There’s also good sushi.

  1. El Cholo Mexican Restaurant

Okay, people, listen up, cuz Imma school you on Mexican food: the best thing about LA, hands down, is the Mexican food. I have turned into a total snob about this because it is So. Freaking. Good. Benny took me to El Cholo because they give discounts to USC students and I seriously thought I might die from happiness. The food is amazing, the margaritas are out of this world (shhhh, don’t tell) and at the end of your meal, they give you pralines! There’s one on Vermont near downtown and another in Santa Monica. Totally worth the extra hard workout you’ll have to do the next day.

  1. Downtown Culver City

I totally love it here, and not just because I live a five-minute drive away. It’s so cute! The old-school hotel is adorable, Sony Studios is right there. The whole area has an old-Hollywood vibe. Great boutiques, delish restaurants, fun times.

  1. The Getty Center

Not gonna lie, I’m not super into the art, but I love the views of the city and the gorgeous buildings, not to mention the amazing gardens. I love just coming here and hanging out in the garden while eating overpriced salad.

  1. Pink’s Hot Dogs

I’m not even into hot dogs, but this is so much fun to do. Basically, you wait in line for hotdogs with all kinds of crazy toppings and it’s like this whole scene. You never know who you’re gonna see in line. Also, great food when you’re tipsy.

  1. Amoeba Records

So I’m not a super old-school kinda person, but I promised Chloe’s boyfriend, Patrick, that I’d take him here (he buys records, of course). BUT. They do have really great shows in-store, plus it’s a cool place to go on a date because you just talk about your favorite bands and it’s super chill.

  1. Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Tons of famous people are buried here. Also, in the summer they do outdoor movies, which has potential to be super romantic, if I ever find a guy worth doing something cute like that with. (Other cool movie spots: The Silent Movie Theater and Grauman’s Chinese Theater).

  1. The Viper Room

First, coolest name for a club ever, right? This is where River Phoenix died and tons of cool bands play here. Whenever I go, I wear a black leather jacket, a miniskirt, and boots with super high heels. This is a see and be seen place—super cute rocker types hang out here.

  1. Drive Around At Night

Okay, so this is cheap and so, so fun. LA is most beautiful at night. Drive up the PCH, drive down Sunset, zip down the freeways. Whatever you do, have some great music blasting and stop every now and then for something to eat.

~ Lexie

Lexie Baker is ready for her close up and nobody’s gonna get in her freaking way.
Nearly a year after graduating high school and taking a hiatus from her family’s reality TV show, "Baker's Dozen," Lexie is in Los Angeles, on a mission to take Hollywood by storm. From red carpet premiers to helping her YouTube star roommate film weird videos, Lex fits right in with the droves of girls just as hungry as she is for some screen time. When Jax Wilson, a young, hot producer, offers to launch The Lexie Project, a reality show that will chronicle Lex’s adventures trying to make it as an actress in LA, she jumps at the chance. It isn’t an Oscar-winning role, but it’s a start.

Then she meets Liam, a film student who brings books to parties and is one of her twin brother’s closest friends. When it becomes clear that her brother, Benny, has a serious drinking problem that's causing his life to spiral out of control, Lexie relies on Liam to help protect her brother from the media…and himself. But spending time with Liam soon makes Lexie question if the life of a starlet is really what she wants. And if it is, how far will she go to get it?

The City of Angels soon becomes Hell on Earth and Lexie realizes that everyone—even Liam—has something they’re hiding. It’s time to find a new role to play–not the one she was cast in at birth.

This companion novel to Something Real features several major characters from the novel. Perfect for fans of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, Lexie's novelized memoir is a multiplatform storytelling experience told in real time that reaches readers through social media, including weekly chapter installments on Wattpad. Daily updates on Lexie’s social media accounts will give readers the chance to interact directly with Lexie and have opportunities to influence the course of the story.
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