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Monday, June 29, 2015

GAY IN YA + Bookish Rainbow

I wanted to do something to commemorate the Supreme Court's ruling for marriage equality, so I thought I'd do a bookish rainbow made out of LGBTQ+ recommendations!
There are TONS more books out there folks, and more on my own shelves that I'd recommend that just didn't fit the rainbow, but I'd highly recommend picking some up! We need diversity of all kinds in our books, no matter what our own race, orientation, ethnicity, gender or any other signifier may be. Books are a great leveler of playing fields, and a great tool for teaching compassion & acceptance, so buy them! Promote them! We create the market, folks! =)

For more recommendations, check out this post, where I asked for favorites on FB -- and be sure to add yours!

Alice + Freda Forever
One Man Guy
Every Day
The Perks of Being a Wallflower
Lizard Radio
The Realm of Possibility
Openly Straight
Beauty Queens
Anything Could Happen
The Color Purple
Will Grayson, Will Grayson
Ask the Passengers
The Bermudez Triangle

IF YOU ARE AN LGBT TEEN who needs somewhere to turn, or someone to talk to:


  1. I agree whole-heartedly about the power of books to influence and bring commonality. Cool rainbow. I've only read one of your books One Man Guy and loved it.

    1. It's such a perfect tool for teaching empathy! I mean, you invest yourself in a book when you're reading. You create the world and get to know the characters, AND you're getting narration that you wouldn't in real life or a movie, so you're seeing into their heads, and how things affect them. I think reading is the biggest broadener of horizons and understanding that there is, and also one of the most conveniently accessible. That's why there NEEDS to be such a push for diverse books, until it isn't even an issue, so that having access to different people's stories will be a no-brainer.

  2. Yay marriage equality! And yay diversity in books!
    You picked some great ones, including ones I hadn't heard of before. Triple yay! Time to grow the TBR list.....

  3. Awesome list. Adding one more: Speechless by Hannah Harrington

    I have a rainbow bookshelf. :) I just recently renovated my bookshelves (mind you, this is just my YA TBR shelf, double-stacked). [http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-gYNSN4n63i8/VZJ-2NWNAaI/AAAAAAAACFk/w-UKpKBJMvI/s1600/WP_20150630_001%2B1.jpg] (Don't mind the mess..)

    1. Looks great! I've had mine organized by color for going on a decade now, and I love it. Wouldn't have it any other way. (Though it could certainly do with some tidying and a reorganization... )


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