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Friday, June 26, 2015

June Mail Bag! | Book Haul & other stuffs

June's not quite over, but I always seem to do these things a touch early. Just can't contain myself, I guess... ;)
Here's a look at the books -- and some other things -- that came my way this month.
Thanks for watching!

Naturebox: https://naturebox.com/
Schwarzkopf ULTIME Hair Care box, via Influenster
Six of Crows (+ swag) | Leigh Bardugo
First & Then | Emma Mills
Mistaking Her Character | Maria Grace
Suddenly Mrs Darcy | Jenetta James
The Inheritance, and Other Stories | Robin Hobb "&" Megan Lindholm
Daughter of Deep Silence | Carrie Ryan
Rebel Belle | Rachel Hawkins
Miss Mayhem | Rachel Hawkins
An Ember in the Ashes | Sabaa Tahi

Disclosure: Some products shown in this video, including the Influenster vox box, were sent to me for review purposes. Nothing in this video is a paid advertisement,  and all opinions are honest and my own. =)

And further note on the hair care products, I'm really not sure how much longer I'll continue using them. I may use them occasionally and sparingly, but though I did think it seemed nice at first, I noticed a sort of...weird texture to my hair after using it for a few days. It didn't feel dried out, necessarily, but just...off, I guess. Almost plasticky, like it the shampoo &/or conditioner was leaving a film of some kind, or just generally affecting it. I dunno, guess we'll see, but, if after a few more uses I still am finding it sketchy, I may end up passing it on to someone in my family, or something.


  1. How's the new writing-first-thing going? I hope that's a good rhythm for you! I can't imagine writing before coffee (well, I can, but the prose wouldn't be pretty).
    I definitely recommend LaraBars, if you can find them (we get them at Trader Joe's). They're all fruit and nuts, and I've found they have enough protein to keep me going for a few hours. Plus, they're tasty!

    IG was BLOWING UP with that Six of Crows unboxing amazingness and swag. Leigh Bardugo is a genius.

    How did I not know Robin Hobb (longtime fav author of mine) was the same as Megan Lindholm?!?! Meep! Thanks for sharing that. I can feel my TBR pile expand as we speak...
    (The Liveship Traders. Truly. And The Assasin's Apprentice series, if only because of The Fool.)

    So....did you get the goodies I sent in April, then? Or did the people in your old place snag 'em? :/
    (forgive me if you got them and we already talked and all. My memory is for crap these days. And I have a deep-seated hatred for people who steal other people's mail)

    1. The writing first thing REALLY works for me. It's too easy to get distracted as the day goes by, or think you're too tired to do something, and the later it gets, the more likely I am to say, Eh, I can just do it tomorrow. But writing first, or at least sitting down to write before lunch, let's me knock it out and feel like I've got some momentum going in my day.
      And yes, I DID get your goodies, unless you're talking about something other than the fairy tale typography & shadows. Pretty sure we even talked about it? But yeah, I think you have my current address, so danger of the new tenants stealing things here... unless they wanna make a trip across town, and take on a Saint Bernard. ;)

  2. Thanks for sharing! I really hope to read Daughter of Deep Silence soon. A friend of mine is reading it now and she really likes it. :)


    1. Carrie Ryan's writing is awesome, IMO, so I'm really looking forward to it.

  3. Ahhh, love the kitty sighting.

    What a fun haul! That really is a cool package for 6 Crows. I enjoyed Suddenly Mrs. Darcy. I hadn't heard of the First and Then one. Hmmms...
    Yay for Dollar store find.

    As to your hauls. I come for the books, but I'm a curious critter so I don't mind the other review products.

    1. I'm looking forward to Suddenly Mrs Darcy! Seems like it'll be a fun one. =)
      (As for kitty sightings, I have a tea chat on pets planned and in the works. =D )


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