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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Unspoken 1.2.3: Instagramming Unspoken + Twitter Chat Reminder!! | #WednesdayYA

Hey, #WednesdayYA-ers! Welcome to the 3rd week of February's book club read-along! This is your reminder that the twitter chat for Sarah Rees Brennan's Unspoken is TONIGHT at 8:30 Eastern / 7:30 Central. Liz and I certainly hope you'll drop in and join us if you've read / are reading this book, especially because both Liz and I are  t  o  r  n! We're definitely going to have some things to discuss...

But until then, I thought I'd share with you some instances of one of the things I do like about Unspoken: the humor! If there's one things SRB does well, it's quirky silliness, and it's probably the only thing that's kept me holding on. Below are some of my favorite moments of said silliness (and some commentary on why, even when silly, the book doesn't quite work for me), so click through, have a few laughs, and then weigh in with your thoughts!

I think the humor is at its best when its Kami and Jared being silly and weird with each other. It's a really fun dynamic to explore how these two characters (who know everything about each other, know each other more intimately than anyone else could, don't REALLY know each other) interact with each other.

I mean... you always win me over with an Austen reference.

Angela. Oh, Angela... I loved this description of her, and literally LOLed at it, but Angela is such a cariacature of a real person that I can't even take her (or the book, as a result) seriously. In fact, I think it was probably an Angela scene where things started going wrong for me. Kinda can't wait to talk about her character in the chat tonight...

Holly's is another character I can't wait to talk about. Well, not so much Holly herself, as other's (especially Kami's) treatment of her. There's a slut-shamey, jealous-sneery streak that really gets under my skin, no matter how authentic it may be. It makes me a little grumbly... Though I love Jared for calling Kami out on it, and I respect Kami for realizing what she's going and trying to rectify it.

Not gonna lie, the town name "Sorry-in-the-Vale," SORRY-IN-THE-MOTHERLOVIN-VALE, was definitely one of the reasons I wanted to read this. I love a good quirky town name (see: this recent reveal). Can't resist!

If it could always be like this... When the humor and interactions are on point in this book, it has potential for me to love it. I was definitely ready to add it/SRB to the funk-breaker's list, and recommend it to people when they're in a slump. And though I'm not quite done with the book yet, as it stands now, I just don't know...

So, if you've read/are reading this book, what are your thoughts? Do you like the humor? What's your favorite/least favorite scene?
Let me know in the comments, and then make sure to join us on Twitter for our #WednesdayYA twitter chat tonight!

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