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Thursday, February 6, 2014

JANUARY REWIND: Mini reviews of the books I read in January! [2014]

Hey, there.
This is what I thought of the sizable stack of books I read in January (good month!); because this video is on the longish side, each of the books is time-stamped below so you can jump around to the ones you're curious about, if you'd like. Otherwise, settle in, 'cause I'ma talk your face off about all the awesome books I read this month. =D

(0:33) Keturah & Lord Death | Martine Leavitt
(1:33) Once a Witch | Carolyn MacCullough
(2:00) Shatter Me | Tahereh Mafi
(4:49) Something Real | Heather Demetrios
(7:05) Tin Star | Cecil Castellucci
(9:38) Delilah Dirk & the Turkish Lieutenant | Tony Cliff
(10:39) The Cute Girl Network | Greg Means, MK Reed & Joe Flood
(11:34) The Undertaking of Lily Chen | Danica Novgorodoff

Wednesday YA: Shatter Me
Laini Taylor
Something Real review
Something Real giveaway
Guest post from Heather Demetrios
Boxers & Saints
In the Age of Love and Chocolate

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