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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Friday Face Off: Fever Crumb

Alrighty, so this is going up a day late (oops! - why don't you guys attack me on Twitter when I forget FFO?), but I'm making up for it with a dual-vote!
I was chatting with Cameron from bookmovieguy the other day on youtube for my 2nd crazy book haul of the week about the covers for Philip Reeve's Fever Crumb, and he mentioned one I hadn't seen. Of course, my FFO-sense went off, so I tracked that cover down (and another one) and thought we'd put it to a vote-like thing. Below you'll find the US hardcover and paperback, and the UK hardcover and paperback versions for Fever Crumb. Since we've got such an abundance of very different images, I thought it'd be fun to do a dual vote: vote for your favorite US and favorite UK version, and then tell me which you prefer over all. So...
Which one(s) did it better?


Last Week on FFO: The original and paperback version of the Shatter Me cover went head to head, with the paperback's abstract eye just b a r e l y managing to eke out a win. Most of you found the design appealing, but confusing, and thought the original cover probably fit the story better - though that wasn't enough to keep you from choosing the eye as a winner.
Winnah ------>


  1. US- paperback
    UK- Can I pick neither?

    Overall- US paperback

  2. I prefer the Us paperback and the UK hardcover. Overall I'm not sure, but I think I prefer the UK hardcover again.

  3. Sorry, I hit enter before I was finished... I wanted to add: what's up with the skull with dreadlocks? or are they worms? In both cases: ewww.

  4. From US covers,I like the one with the metal door.

    From UK covers, I like the one with the guy with the tubes or the skull with the tubes. I'm not totally sure what it is.

    I think my favourite of all is the one with the metal door, it's more futuristic :)

  5. US : Paperback (it reminds me of the ENCLAVE cover though)
    UK : Neither, but if I really have to choose I'd say hardback.

    Overall, I pick the US paperback. I really don't like the UK ones, they're too crowded and weird! :)

  6. US: Paperback
    UK: uhhhh...hardcover that skull thing is weird.

  7. Hands down, the US hardcover by Sam Weber.

  8. Honestly, I like both of the US versions better than either of the UK versions, but of teh UK versions I prefer the one with the ship. I've read Fever Crumb, and the other really makes no sense to me. US I prefer the one with Fever on it.

    Excited to hear your thoughts on this one, I listened to it and thought the audio was pretty great. Haven't continued on with the series though.

  9. Hmmm, out of the four, I like the U.S. paperback, but think that the hardback fits the summary the best.
    This is a hard book to choose for, lol!

  10. Deeeefinitely the US versions. Comparing those two, they're so different that they make me want to read the book for different reasons. One because I adore that blue and it seems so intricate. The other because the cover model is intense, the coat is way too cool, and the font is stunning. SO... I'd say it's a tie. :D US FTW!

  11. I think I like the original US cover with the red hood.

  12. I really like the US paperback and the UK hardcover. They all have such a different feel to them.

  13. US: Paperpack
    UK: Hardcover

    Overall: totally US Paperback. I really like that design for some reason...

  14. us paperback and uk hardcover but overall i think the uk hardcover :)


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