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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Um...Remember how I just posted about Coming Attractions AND about Throne of Glass?

and how it didn't have a cover, and I wanted to make one but couldn't find a good picture of a throne of glass?
Well, just to rub it in my face that it's a day late and a dollar short, the cover for Throne of Glass was just released...

I know FTF is mostly over, but what do you guys think? I'm a little torn on the interestingness of the cover; however, that dagger is badass.  Click to see my original post about ToG here.


  1. I'm not really a fan. I like the title and author colors/fonts, as well as the dagger. However, the city in the back looks like kind of lame photoshop. And the girl looks oddly out of proportion. Her head looks huge, and kind of shiny.

    I'd like to see more detail on the city and not have the dagger half hidden behind the title.

  2. I am SO excited about ToG, but I was extremely disappointed in the cover. I wish they hadn't put a model on it at all, but even when they did, I wish she actually looked scary and not all 'come hither'.

  3. I don't like it! I wanted something sleeker, something more badass than this. :\ (Something more along the lines of Eona than this girl who looks like she has been caught red handed.)

  4. I like the dagger and how intense she looks.

  5. Hah! I featured Throne of Glass 2 weeks ago (WoW) and I used a photo of the ARC (someone took a photo of it, better than nothing). Then a few days later the cover was out and I just smacked myself on the forehead. It was the exact same cover, but obviously the real thing looks better.

    This is actually one of those times that I freaking don't care about the cover! I'm not going to say it's perfect, but I'm just glad that this book is coming out soon--so soon that it's got a cover! Yes please!!

  6. This cover is just blah. I wouldn't be interested if I hadn't heard from people that they liked it.

    For the cover I imagined a throne a-la game of thrones, but ice instead of iron amiright?


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