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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Book Chat: Desert Island Books

The Complete Novels of Jane Austen: http://amzn.to/IWjSLu
The Complete Grimm's Fairy Tales: http://amzn.to/KaKmdg
or The Riverside Shakespeare: http://amzn.to/J5nLh3
Anne of Green Gables: http://amzn.to/J5nOcL
Harry Potter: http://amzn.to/J5nSsW
Discworld: http://amzn.to/IWkMHO
I Capture the Castle: http://amzn.to/IzlDkG



  1. This was hard, hehe :) and i think i would need a kindle with solar panel or something because the page count on my list would be massive I think :)

  2. My choices were very similar to yours- we are obviously kindred book spirits :-P x

  3. It was so hard to choose! Now I just need to hope that person that already brought all the survival stuff also brought something I can use to carry around all these books! lol

  4. Loving this chat, Misty! Your choices were excellent, who cares if you blur the lines a little? I'm having fun thinking up my own responses now, if I have time, I'll post them!

  5. This was so totally cute! You are a natural on camera, Misty! And apart from that, The Complete Works of Jane Austen? Count me in. I was thinking, five books? What about Austen's six? And you solved that one perfectly. Besides, I have that same edition. What a relief! By the way, I used to really dislike Mansfield Park, but if you give it a chance it may grow on you. It's really suspenseful and the only Austen novel where I can imagine alternative endings--fun to ponder.

    As for my childhood book, The Velveteen Rabbit. I just read it again recently.

    Zaidie Smith's On Beauty will have to be somewhere on this list. A masterpiece.

    And I must confess I've never read Anne of Green Gables. But I now think I must.

    1. Laurie, I ADORE The Velveteen Rabbit. One of the parts that got cut from the video was just after I said "I guess I could have put Anne of Green Gables in the series category" I said something about how then I could have picked TVR for my childhood fave. I think that's the first book I ever became obsessed with. Which would make a good chat on its own, so I'm going to make a note of that.

      And yes, you MUST read Anne. I dare you not to fall in love with her. :)

    2. So cool, Misty! I swear, that book is so profound and touching, I get something new from it every time. Happy it's one of your favorites, too! Yes, you could definitely do a whole chat around that one book.

      As for Anne, I accept your challenge! :)))

    3. Oh, and my series choice would be The Journeys of John and Julia. Even though only one book is out so far, I've read it so many times and have gained so much insight from it that I know I'm gonna love the rest of the series. This is a book I wish I'd had when I was a kid and a teenager.

      As for my fifth choice... Hmmmm... Gotta ponder that one! Thanks for a wonderfully inspiring post, Misty!

  6. I just had to go with the complete novels of Jane Austen too, LOL. No way I am going to be stranded without a bit of Austen to help me through! I had to give 2 choices for my freebie one, though...could not pick one over the other :D

  7. As hard as it was to choose my "5", lol, I really had a lot of fun!
    You'll have to lend me your Jane Austen and Anne of Green Gable books, please :)

  8. This was my first Book Chat! So fun! Can't wait for next months!

    --Faith @ www.blueeggbooks.blogspot.com

  9. As always it was a pleasure to participate in your book chat :)

  10. I just came across your blog and i love this feature. I just started a YouTube channel and this will be a fun addition to my videos! Can't wait to participate :)

  11. Followed to ur blog from Youtube video. Loved this tag and did it on my own blog. :)

  12. I'd love to borrow your copy of the Grimms fairytales on this island. And Harry Potter too because I've never read it before *gasp*. I will one day though...

    Great topic this month, thanks! :)

  13. Misty, I have to tell you that I'm reading Anne of Green Gables now--only a few chapters in and am already hooked. And yes, how could one not fall in love with her? Thanks for introducing us! :)))

  14. Yay! Make sure you watch the tv mini-series too, if you haven't. It's one of the few cases of a film adaptation being just as good. They really nailed it.

    Also: Gilbert Blythe.
    'Nuff said.


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