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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Fathomless Cover Reveal

Well, it appears that the publishing houses were just waiting for Fairy Tale Fortnight to be over before they revealed their formerly-coverless covers.  First I found the cover for Throne of Glass immediately after FTF ended, and now, after having to create my own cover for it, they've released the cover for Jackson Pearce's Fathomless.
Looks like we were all wrong in thinking it was going to follow the monochromatic silhouettes of the first 2 books...

So, what do you guys think?


  1. Interesting. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. This makes me a giant SAD FACE. I LOVED the previous covers. Like, a LOT. They were so PERFECT and EERIE and CHILLING and grimmly fairy tale ish. But this one... Doesn't fit the theme. and looks like a slightly uglier version of every other mermaid cover out there. :(

    Le sigh. Giant sad face.

  3. Actually, they're redoing the covers in the whole series to look like this cover. It's disappointing. The others were so much more fairy-tale-ish and unique.

  4. I KNEW they were going to reveal it right after FTF. THRONE OF GLASS, too. But you know what, I read it and it isn't close to Cinderella anymore, so I decided not to do a review for FTF! I can't believe the cover isn't like the first two! It's pretty, but oooohhh! I love those first two!

  5. OH NO!! NONONONONO.... I'm actually really sad. I haven't read these books yet but GOODNESS I love the covers...and now...I'm sad. :( It's pretty and all...but not the same, you know? Oh well, at least it's bound to be a good story, right?

  6. This cover doesn't have the simple beauty of the first two. I hate to be mean but it looks blah and unappealing. Like another commenter said.....it looks like every other mermaid cover. Hopefully the story will save the book.


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