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Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday Face Off: Paranormalcy v. Endlessly

We had a mini Face Off of sorts between Paranormalcy and its sequel, Supernaturally during my Wishlist Wednesday for Supernaturally.  Paranormalcy came out the clear winner - we all loved that pop pf pink. (Though I do have to say, the subtleties of the monochromatic Supernaturally cover have grown on me, and are much lovelier in person).  But it seems only fitting that Paranormalcy get one last chance to defend it's spot as #1 amongst Kiersten White's books about the hilariously not normal Evie.  And so I give you, the Face Off between Paranormalcy and the final book in the series, Endlessly:
Which one did it better?
Note: write-in votes for Supernaturally are acceptable. :)

My thoughts: I gotta give it up to Paranormalcy. For me this cover is still holding strong, and is pretty hard to beat, even if you do add in a rocking purple crepe dress.  Evie's face on Endlessly looks turned, weirdly cocked to one side of her head, which looks unnatural and makes me feel a little uncomfortable.  And though I'm sure that the subtleties of the monochrome will once again be prettier in person, that pop of pink on gray is just as pretty onscreen...

Last Week on FFO:  Cat Patrick's Forgotten face off against Brain James' Life is But a Dream, and for most of you the winner was clear... While I may favor the dreamy, slightly warped Forgotten, nearly all of you preferred the more "stark and painful" cover for Life is But a Dream.
Winnah ---------->


  1. I didn't think it was possible to beat Paranormalcy but Endlessly does. The purple takes the cover to a new level.

  2. While I love purple and think the Endlessly cover is gorgeous, I still find Paranormalcy more eye-catching. Something about the pink against the dark background – it really pops out.

    Paranormalcy wins for me.

  3. This one was hard.... but I am going to have to go with Endlessly. I think her pose is actually quite becoming and the flowers are beautiful.

    Can't wait to read it!

  4. I'm so surprised - but I actually like Endlessly better! The purple color is gorgeous and I love her expression...they're similar though, so Paranormalcy is close behind!

  5. I agree. I'm not loving the purple of Endlessly, and the model looks a bit too photoshoped. :P

  6. I loooove Paranormalcy cover so much that I want to read the read only for that :)

    Endlessly is good too but I prefer Paranormalcy :)

  7. Both very beautiful, but the purple in Endlessly does it for me. I really love purple

  8. I like Paranormalcy better for the model's expression. She looks more intense.


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