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Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday Face Off: Forgotten v. Life is But a Dream

I know Cat Patricks' Forgotten and Brian James' Life is But a Dream aren't cover clones, but I can't help but think of one when I see the other.  Even though the settings and colors are different, the curled up girl and the little pops of color provided by flowers/leaves definitely gives them something in common.  But more than that, they both have a sort of gentle surreal feeling to them.  So what do you guys think?  Do they remind you of each other at all, or is it just me?  And which would you reach for on the shelves?
Which one did it better?

Last Week on FFO: Hourglass and Timepiece when head to head, with the drama of Timepiece just barely helping it pull out a win.
Winnah -------------->


  1. I'd say that Life Is But A Dream wins it for me. I'd definitely pick that one off of the shelf before Forgotten! - ComaCalm's Corner

  2. Life is But a Dream is more striking.

  3. Life is But A Dream. Not only does it do it better, I feel like the hardcover version of Forgotten suit the story and target audience better.

  4. I love the cover for Life Is But a Dream....I think it helps convey a little bit what the book is actually about. I always like when the cover is significant and matches up to the story!

  5. Woah!! This is a hard one!! I really think I can't decide...hmmm...

  6. You're right - they are so similar! It's hard to decide on one, but I'm going with Forgotten. Hmmm or maybe... gosh - I dunno!

  7. Life is but a Dream, by a long shot. It seems more stark and painful. Forgotten just looks too peaceful to me. With the Life cover, if I just glance at it, it looks like her eyes are partway open and it's more... eerie. I like it WAY better.

  8. Another tough choice this week. I'd have to go with Life is but a Dream. It's more eye-catching.

  9. Hard one. I think I'd choose Life is But a Dream. I like the lettering and the leaves.


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