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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Book Chat: Cover Fails

This week's Book Chat is on "cover fails' - those books that you just can't help but judging by their cover, and that you would really love to give a makeover.  This one, guys...this one is potentially a really fun topic, so I hope you guys have fun with it like I did, and I can't wait to hear your thoughts, whether you blog them, vlog them, or just comment below.  (Tumblr pictures would be really fun, too!)

If you do participate, make sure to link up your post below so everyone can find it. :)

NEXT WEEK: Series vs. Stand-alone books


  1. PASSION is such an awkward cover, isn't it? I don't care for the series, either, but love the covers. Except for this one!

    Tamora Pierce always has...interesting covers. I think it goes back to when every fantasy cover ever has a blah cover. Same with Juliet Marillier. Fantasy books have such sucky covers and I don't understand why! I did a book cover assignment in class. I asked used DOTF as a bad example :(

    Ughhhh, that's absolutely photoshopped, yes. You're right, it's totally a wig!! My favorite cover to show off as "worst cover ever" is:


    It's so badly photoshopped and has way too many fonts!

  2. Wow that cover of Heartless IS super terrible - her hand that's holding the hat looks more like a foot than a hand. I agree with you 100 % on that cover.. the lady toupee LOL they really need to re-do that one...

    I like the background colors on that Shadows book (forget the full title now..oops) but I agree with you, that man/woman standing there like a scarecrow with a bird perched on it's arm looks really, really weird.

    Great vlog! New follower :)

    April @ My Shelf Confessions

  3. LOL at the Heartless cover... I agree, everything about it is so weird. Well, I agree with the others as well. I don't get when the covers suddenly go downhill like that. o: Or why some needs those color stripes... Great vlog! :)

  4. Lady toupee... LOL!! Seriously- Love you!

    Passion is such a terrible cover! YES! Ugh. NOT a fan. And the other covers are BEAUTIFUL! SO gorgeous. The final book in the series has another beautiful cover. Passion just sucks :/

  5. I think Passion is a bad cover, the girl looks weird, like her head is bigger than her body.



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