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Friday, December 23, 2011

Friday Face Off: Anna Dressed in Blood series vs. Archon

I recently came across the cover for Sabrina Benulis' Archon, and was immediately overcome with that tingling sensation that tells me a good Face Off is in the making... The crazy sideways wind-swept hair reminded me of Anna Dressed in Blood, of course, but what was interesting was that it also reminded me of Anna's sequel, Girl of Nightmares.  Pulling in the red coloring almost makes it seem like a busy little mash-up of the two.   Now, since it's not really fair to pit two against one, I'm just showing you both covers so you see where I'm coming from, but the match is between Anna (the series) and Archon.  And....go!
Which one did it better?


Last Week on FFO:  The US and AUS versions of Cynthia Hand's Hallowed went head to head, with the Australian version (once again) just barely eking out a win.
Winnah --------->


  1. OOH tough pick! My favorite of the 3 is Girl of Nightmares, which of course isn't in the running. I think I would have to vote for Anna Dressed in Blood because I like how the red is very subtle and I like he dress more. Her hair also looks more authentic too.

    I did my own version of friday face off if you want to take a look.


  2. Anna. By a long shot- I pick Anna.

  3. I pick the Archon cover. I love the corset and the wings and I think the red works so well on this cover.

  4. Okay I've not read either but based on the fact that I have Archon on my desk right now and my eyes keep wandering over to it..I'm voting for Archon! It's a beautiful cover!

  5. Ooo not fair I like both... but if I have to pick one t would be Anna :o)


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