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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Helluva Halloween Leaderboard + WINNERS

Okay, I know this post is shamefully overdue, and I have excuses, but they just prolong the wait. So, with very little further ado, here is the leaderboard. I think I was able to round up every stray point, but if you find a discrepancy, let me know, I'll correct it.
A few points to note:
-- only followers were eligible to win, but there are non-followers included in the totals
-- I didn't post every single person who participated, as there were a lot of people with only 1 entry totalling 1, 2 or 5 points, which wouldn't make a difference in the end. If I get time, I'll add every last person, but for now, only those who linked are listed.
-- I did include random bonus points for various things through out the contest; they will be noted

Rules were:
Reviews and posts linked in the challenge earned 10 pts apiece
Comments on my Helluva Hallowwen tagged posts earned 5 points apiece
Linking your contests and giveaways earned 25 points
Tweets earned 2 points
Sidebar/other linkage earned 2 points, but only if you told me and gave me a link to follow
Top 2 earners won a prize, as well as one randomly drawn name (from full list of participants, not just those on leaderboard -- I literally pulled a name ;D)

TITANIA: 675 --> 250 (links) + 375 (vamp wall) + 25 (top linker -- tied) 15 (comments) + 5 (haunted house bonus) 5 (amusing me with your vamp wall email)
NATALIE: 475 --> 160 (links) + 25 (contest) + 245 (vamp wall) + 40 (comments) + 5 (random bonus awarded in comment)
VELVET: 395 --> 250 (links) +25 (comments) +25 (top linker -- tied) + 50 (creativity in shapeshifter posts, Alien and Wak-Wak, +25 each) + 20 (creepy cute crochet -- this just tickles me still) + 25 (constant shout-outs throughout)
MISS ELIZA: 390 --> 375 (vamp wall) + 10 (guessing on vamp wall bonus -- even though they were wrong, you were the only one to try) + 5 (comment)
ELIE: 235 --> 30 (links) + 25 (contest) + 150 (vamp wall) + 30 (comments)
DONNA: 195 --> 160 (links) + 25 contest + 10 (getting her creative on, encouraging everyone else to)
KRISTEN: 169 --> 100 (links) + 25 (contest link) + 20 (comments) + 20 (posting button every time you mentioned the contest - thanks!) + 2 (tweet) + 2 (sidebar link)
DEBBIE: 145 --> 145 (vamp wall)
LULA: 130 --> 100 (links) + 15 (comments) + 5 (BBW suggestion) +5 (haunted house bonus) +5 (amusing me with sea monster post)
GOFITA: 125 --> 110 (links) + 15 (comments)
--> 70 (links) + 10 (party pictures -- I'm jealous) + 10 (originality)
NINA: 70 --> 60 (links) + 10 (comments)
JUJU: 40 --> 40 (comments -- top commenter)
CHERRY: 35 --> 10 (link) + 25 (contest)
E. GUEVARA: 30 --> 15 (comments) + 15 (random bonus for Graveyard Book shout-out)
FROGGY: 30 --> 30 (link)
CHARLOTTE: 30 --> 30 (links)
PARAJUNKE: 15 --> 10 (link) + 5 (BBW suggestion)
KIM: 10 --> 10 (link)
ALYSSA: 10 --> 10 (link)

So, are winners are:
Titania and Natalie, top point earners
Gofita, random pick

I would also like to offer a silly little something to Velvet for being a top linker, and for the constant love. Thanks Velvet!
And to Juju for being a top commenter -- thanks, Juju!

if you have discrepancies, email me, though I doubt they will effect the point total, so
winners have been emailed. If they do, we'll just have another winner!


  1. Thanks Misty for hosting this one. It was a lot of fun! I already miss Halloween...
    Wow what a lot of links!

  2. Man, I bet that took forever to total up! congrats to the winners.

  3. i certainly had a helluva halloween with this challenge. thanks for the fun time! and titania is the best for this genre. did you check out her cute cthulhu post?

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