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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Endless TBR -- the post

I've been thinking about this for awhile, but reading a post by Natalie of Mindful Musings and realizing just how out of control the problem is, I thought I'd come to you guys with it:

I am a book addict.
I buy books when I shouldn't spend the money on them.
I blow off school/work/people to read.
I have an insane amount of books at home that need reading, and an incurably insane list of books I want to read.
I need help.

I've already posted about how I want to have a few challenges in oh-ten, which are really more just classification systems. I've decided one of them is going to be the TBR challenge. I am going to make a list of all of the books I own that need reading, and see how many of them I can work my way through in 2010 (keeping in mind that I still will be reading books I don't own, and likley, still buying more books to add to the pile. I'm incorrigible).

The list will take some time to compile, and I think I'm only going to start with things I really want to read, and not just all the extra stuff I've picked up or had for years (so know the pile is even bigger than it appears here...); I will add bit by bit, and hopefully, cross off bit by bit, too.

I would love to have you guys stop by from time to time and give input on which books on the list you guys loved and think I should bump up to the top of the pile.

And I would love to see your lists as well.
What's on your tbr?
How do you choose what to read next?
Do you fear that you will die under a collapsed stack and never be found again?

Edit: the (mostly complete) list is here.


  1. I'm so terrible at picking what I should read next! I think it comes from having too many choices available. Usually what I end up doing is checking library due dates and picking what's due the soonest and/or what can't be renewed, and then after that I kind of randomly reach for whatever happens to be close by. I try to plan out blog posts and such in advance to make sure I meet deadlines for group reviews and stuff like that, but a lot of times I end up shifting things around at the last minute.

  2. My list, topping out at 941, is here

    It's huge and needs some sort of purging. I'm hoping to be able to go through it today and get it at least below 900, but it's so hard. Pretty, pretty books.

    I read review books and library books first. Then I read challenge books. If have nothing pressing, I chose whatever is calling to me at the moment, but that happens extremely rarely.

    I am quite sure when my time comes, I'll be found months later under a pile of books. It only seems fitting.

  3. Those are all books you own and haven't read, Jennifer? Yep, definitely dying under a collapsed stack. There should be a special cemetery just for our sort: one big epitaph on the gates: Dead by Book Avalanche, gone before their time...

  4. My friend and I are doing something similar. We're just tackling the books that are in the adult fiction category on our bookshelves. So this doesn't include non-fiction, childrens', YA, graphic novels, or anything that is on the floor or in the closet....sort of tackling a section of books that we've had waiting to be read. We started in September and are giving ourselves a year to see how much we can get get through. Of course, it's taking a while cause we both have to read other stuff for our jobs or even for pleasure. So far I've tackled only like 5 books. I am trying to read some of the skinny-ish books and not some of the massive tomes I have just yer. Here's my list of books: http://polishoutlander.com/?p=273
    But yeah, the TBR pile just keeps growing each week with all the books gotten or seen in stores. There needs to be vacation time just to read :)

  5. I think I just might copy this idea from you (and link back to you, and Mindful Musings, of course) and post my own list, and try to make headway through many of those books on 2010 while *trying* to hold off buying so many at such a darn alarming rate. We can all find support in each other for our endless book buying... =)

  6. Hello. My name is Natalie, and I am a book addict.

    Maybe we should start a rehab group? I know there are people worse off than us...I mean...there has to be. Right? Good luck with trying to get through that massive list of yours! (And thanks for the linkage)!

    Natalie @ Mindful Musings

  7. It's crazy how many books I collect and plan to read...at least I know I'm not alone!

  8. I hear ya. I have the same problem with way too many books already, and still buying more every week! You have a great list though with some good choices. Enjoy!


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