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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

UNBOXING: Blind Fancy Book Box!

Who's ready for a blind date?
I'm unboxing a new book box today, and I'm kinda in love with the idea of it!
Coupla side notes here, before we get into all the official deets:

* YES, I realize that the necklace is Hermione's wand. Shoulda used my eyeballs. ^_^

* Sorry for any shaky cam, my cat was insisting on being part of filming...

* And if you wanna try your hand at my Blind Date with a Book game while you wait for your Blind Fancy box to arrive, you can find that video here!

Blind Fancy offers you a perfectly personalized, subscription-free, blind date with a book! A quick quiz will match you with a MatchMaker who has the inside scoop on the genres that you love best!
Boxes come in two sizes, First Date and Double Date (I'm showing you the Double Date option), and it is a buy-as-you-go box, meaning you do NOT have to sign up for a recurring subscription! Feel like trying out a blind date book? Then you can do so, whenever you want, with whichever matchmaker you'd like!

And I hear through the grapevine that international shipping will be available soon!

Find out more or try out a box yourself, here: http://www.findyourfancy.xyz/

Use code BOOKTUBE2 for a discount on your box purchase!

Disclosure: This is NOT a sponsored video, though this box was sent to me for review. I do NOT make a commission through use of the discount code, so if you're opposed to that sorta thing, no worries! Use it and save you some moola.


  1. Yeah... that is really cool.

    Neat things in your box and it sounds like it was a match for you.

    1. They did a pretty good job! I'd be curious to try out other curators, too, maybe as the mood for their style strikes.

  2. I will absolutely be doing this thing. How very fun it sounds! And I love that they aren't brand new YA, because I feel like most book subscription boxes now stick to new releases and as a result send the same book. This? This looks capital-F fun. Thanks so much for putting it on my radar!

    1. Yes, agreed! I love seeing some backlist (but still good and anticipated in their time) titles, and seeing such a variety. Going through the blurbs and figuring some out + seeing what a few other people have gotten makes me excited for how they're pulling this together. Hopefully, if it gets enough subs/buys, it'll just grow and get even better!

    2. I'm proud to say I've added to that- Just got a double date and a Read and Worn used one whose blurb sounds hilarious, although I was so torn between "Swords and Sorcery/A Witch Doppelganger/Badass Chicks" and "Long Live the Queen/Underdog Hero/Undefeated Thief". I got the former, and asked for the latter as my second book with the double date, but I don't know if that's allowed or not. Did you pick your second book, or was it a surprise?

    3. I didn't, because I wanted to see how the curators did, since I was testing the box. But I think you *can* make requests. Both of those blurbs sound amazing, btw. Very curious to see what you get!


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