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Friday, March 25, 2016

What I Look for in Graphic Novels! | #GraphicNovelWeek

Sorry that I look like the ghost of Casper the Ghost* in this one, guys... I fixed it as much as I could, but I think it was a lost cause. But eh, these things happen, and what REALLY matters is today, we're talking another topic a lot of you have asked about -- what I look for in a graphic novel!
*This is the reason it was up a day late, btw. Stupid, frustrating ghost video!

If you've missed any of Graphic Novel Week, find more here!

Examples mentioned in this video:
Zita the Spacegirl
Castle Waiting
Kaoru Mori
Sara Varon
Anya's Ghost
Roller Girl
The Undertaking of Lily Chen

(c= characters, p=plot, a=art, i=interestingness)
(a,c,p) Delilah Dirk series
(a,p,i) The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage
(a,c,p,i) Robot Dreams
(c,i) Bake Sale
(a) The Divine
(a) Gloomcookie
(c,p) Amy Unbounded
(c,i) Aurora West series
(a) Sailor Twain
(a,p,i) Persepolis
(a,c) works of Faith Erin Hicks

Please let me know what draws you in and what YOU look for in the comments!

Disclosure: This is NOT a sponsored video. ALL ART SHOWN COPYRIGHT OF THE RESPECTIVE ARTIST, for review purposes.

1 comment:

  1. That was fantastic. Thanks for taking the time to respond to topic requests (and that totally answered my question) and for doing the examples and links below so I could see what you meant. I never thought about the 'cluttered' issue or the color palette as distractions, but now that you brought that out, I think it's why I was only 'meh' about a few graphic novels I tried while others amazed me.
    The cat and wasp were great props. LOL


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