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Friday, March 18, 2016

ALLEGIANT Pre-screening! | vlog + review

Hey, so no new FFO again this week (sorry!), but I had to preempt it because I did a cool thing, and my sister and I acted like weirdos in public. I thought I'd share it with you. =D
If you end up seeing Allegiant (it's out today!), or think I really DO need to read the series soon, please chat with me in the comments!

Big thanks to Lionsgate and Allied for allowing us to see the movie before the official release!

Disclosure: This is NOT a sponsored video.


  1. Fun movie review! Glad you gals had a good time before and during the movie. I have yet to read the books or see the movies. Haven't been bitten by the bug yet even though I'm pretty sure I'd enjoy either.
    That's funny about the contrast between the post-apoc world outside and the pristine hi-tech world inside.

    Nice review! And yes, I wouldn't mind seeing more book to movie reviews. I have no idea half the time that a book is being made into a movie or that a movie is based on a book. Though one of these days I'll read Pride, Prejudice and Zomibies and Me Before You and then watch their movies.

    1. There are SO MANY book adaptations coming out this year. Like, a ridiculous amount.
      I will absolutely be seeing PPZ, because I think it will make for a very fun movie, but the book was awful. I don't think Seth Graham Smith even cared; hell, character and town names changed and changed back a few times throughout the book, so apparently his editor didn't care to much, either. I love Quirk books, generally, and their clever take on things is awesome (and the look of the books, all of the physical aspects, of PPZ especially, are always awesome, lots of attention to detail), but PPZ... he was clearly phoning it in.


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